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[일문일답] "Bloody injury" Jung-hyun "70 ~ 80 points from 100 points"


Jung Hyun Jang (22, Korea National University) completed the 2018 season when there were many jobs. Not without doubt, but the achievement is clear.

Jung-hyun said at a press conference held at Villa de Bailey in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 20th that he finished this season.

Jung Hyun scored more than 8 in 10 contests this season. At the Australian Open and Series 250 BMW Open, the best year has passed and the world ranking has risen to 19th.

However, there is a break due to injury. Finally, the season ended in 25th place.

Jung-hyun said, "I think it's 70 ~ 80 points for 100 points. I finished the season higher than last year but I can't finish the season because of a lot of injuries. I can't give full marks because I can't manage my body."

However, Jung-hyun said, "I want to think positively. I think this is a good season and it's over."

The following is a quote from Jung-hyun.

– Your testimony.
▶ I got good grades and I left the tour because of a lot of injuries. I try to think positively. I think this is a good season and it's over.

– The top ranking of individuals is 19th. 36th place Lee Hyung-taik. How did you feel at that time?
▶ I am happy but I feel a lot of emotions at once. 36th place abroad is not a rank that must be treated. I will try to go higher.

– Play style that Jung Hyun is looking for.
▶ We are chasing games that are widely played and survive and are sticky. I tried to pressure my opponent. I will bring other benefits but I will remain persistent.

– The most memorable game.
▶ It's easy to remember to win the top 10 players for the first time at the Australian Open. Zebereph, Djokovic, Federer and others.

– If you rate all seasons.
▶ I think 70 ~ 80 points if it is 100 points. I finished the season higher than last year but I couldn't finish the season because of a lot of injuries. I can't give a perfect score because I can't manage my body.

– I think I saw the ATP final. What do you think about when you watch Zebref win? New, rich players like Chichipas are also active.
▶ I don't see the game. It was a good experience to play with great players like Djokovic. Shapo, Rop, Chichipas, etc. I want to side with them. But I will not be in a hurry.

– Players are stimulated.
▶ Bornacho Ritchie and his team have been together since middle school.

– How is your body?
▶ Healing and recovery. The cause of foot injury is a lot of abrasions since childhood. I don't play a lot of games like I do now. As the game level increases, the injury seems to be getting worse.

– If you express blistering pain.
▶ You can think that it's enough if it's broken. It's not enough to fall on the bed, but it's enough to wake up because of this. I can't walk properly.

– I changed my tennis shoes.
▶ Try to find shoes that fit your feet during winter training. I think we have to adapt well for the rest of this year.

– Have you tried any other method than shoes?
▶ I also tried to insert my foot insole. I also want to know the coach.

– Apparently there is a sense of loss after refraining from injury at the Australian Open.
▶ After the injury, I was on tour for a while. I feel a feeling on tour rather than feeling lost. I want to go back.

– What I want to focus on during winter training.
▶ I will do it for a month. It can't make many changes, but it can complement the technical aspects of the game. Winter training in Thailand. Stamina is a priority. So I found a hot country. I will focus on physical strength and flexibility.

– There is something I want to do technically next year.
▶ Sub or forehand. Style also seems more aggressive.

– Besides non-season tennis, what do I want to do.
▶ I tried to make a hobby but I found nothing. I met a friend and relaxed.

– The purpose is.
▶ I have never finished the season unscathed. I want to finish next season higher than this year.

– Clay Court season.
▶ I didn't play well in the clay court season. Grass season also rests for two consecutive years. I want to finish next year well.

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