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[사회]Former Secretary of State Reviews Recruitment After Remembering This Week



Prosecutors are expected to summon former Attorney General once or twice this week to investigate.

The former Secretary Cho used his right to veto a statement on the 14th.

Prosecution will carefully review the direction of new recruits as soon as the investigation is complete.

We will connect the reporters. Reporter Kang Hee-kyung!

There has been no further investigation from your homeland secretary over the weekend?


Yes, there was an observation that the secretary of state would attend the prosecution again over the weekend.

After yesterday, there were no further calls.

Prosecutors are investigating whether allegations of bribery can be applied to former Secretary of State for allegations of wife nomination and daughter scholarship.

It is important to know whether former Secretary Cho was involved in this accusation and how far he knows.

It is also being investigated whether former Secretary Cho was involved in the process of issuing an internship certificate at the Law Center of Seoul National University.

It is also hoped to investigate the allegations that the accusations were applied to Professor Chung and the charges of employing fraud and lawsuits against his brother Cho Mo.

However, the exercise of the right of refusal to disclose has emerged as a variable.

The first summons investigation into former Secretary Cho was carried out on the 14th.

Cho returned home eight hours after he vigorously exercised his right of refusal.

Mr Cho said that he had made many explanations and decided that the answers were outdated and unnecessary.

Because the prosecution is expected to exercise its right to reject the statement, the prosecution will be forced to change its investigation strategy.

As soon as the prosecutor has finished his investigation of the Secretary of State, the prosecutor will carefully consider the direction of the recruitment process, taking into account the attitude of the statement.

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