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[날씨] That afternoon fine dust disappeared …

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Fine dust gradually improves in the afternoon.

The concentration of fine dust in the provinces of Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Gangwon has dropped below current levels, and a 'warning' has been appointed.

Ultrafine dust concentration has also returned to the level of 'normal' in Seoul.

When the north wind blows, air quality improves from the metropolitan area and Gangwon province.

But South Chungcheong Province needs more attention.

Yellow dust is still visible in Chungcheong, Honam, and Jeju.

Fine dust warnings were issued in Chungcheong, Jeonbuk, Yeongnam, and Jeju Island.

In particular, fine dust concentrations in Chungbuk, Honam, and Jeju Island have risen to around 150㎍, which is five to six times higher than normal.

If you are in this area, please use a fine dust mask when you come out.

Today's temperature will be warm in Seoul 20 degrees, Gwangju and Daegu, and Busan 23 degrees.

Most of the fine dust in the south will be overcome today, and weekends will generally be sunny and the fall weather is great.

On the east coast a holiday is expected to rain.

Dokdo, where search and rescue work is being carried out, is cloudy and the city is clean at 20 km.

The water temperature is around 19 degrees.

Sea waves of 1.5 m and wind speed of 7.4 m.

As a result, there will be no major obstacles to the weather today.

The fine dust season has begun.

If you are in the southern province, please pay more attention and take adequate water intake and pay attention to personal hygiene.

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