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[경제]D-1 train strike … Emergency operation for emergency transportation


Introducing 4 guild union and 2 railroad shifts
In the case of a strike by the railroad union, 69% of the KTX and 82% of the metro trains are operating
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation "Road strike for 4 weeks … KTX service 57%"


An unlimited full strike occurred a day when KORAIL's workforce and management could hardly find a contact point for hiring and wage increases.

The government plans to launch emergency transportation measures starting today (19), while civil society organizations have promised to strengthen trade union strikes.

Reporter Kim Hyun-woo.


The railroad union has entered the 'Compliance Struggle' since the last 15!

Passengers are uncomfortable during the weekend because train departures are delayed by one or two hours.

An unlimited general strike is imminent as negotiations fail to find a breakthrough.

If you start a strike, it's been three years after a 74 day long strike between September and December 2016.

The railroad union claims to recruit more than 4,000 workers to introduce the "4 trillion, two shift" work system.

More than 200 civil society organizations also added their intention to solidarity.

[장재영 / 철도노조 수석부위원장 : 철도노조가 불가피하게 파업에 돌입하게 된 것은 철도공사 경영진의 무책임에도 이유가 있지만, 노조 주요요구에 결정권을 가진 국토교통부와 기획재정부가 책임 있는 태도로 나서지 않고 있기 때문입니다.]

Government and KORAIL emergency.

The most urgent engineers maintain 64% of normal levels with mandatory maintenance and military support.

Through this, KTX will operate at 69% of the normal level and 82% of the metro metro.

Normal trains operate at 60% and freight trains 31%.

When the number of trains decreases, public transportation assistance is provided by the bus industry and local government.

If the strike goes beyond a month, the government will reduce the KTX rate to 50%, taking into account the replacement fatigue.

[김경욱 / 국토교통부 2차관 : 파업과 같은 비상상황에서 안전사고가 발생한다면 그 피해는 고스란히 국민에게 돌아갈 수 있으므로 파업기간 동안 안전관리에 더욱 만전을 기해 주시기 바랍니다.]

Korail's workforce and management continued the final negotiations to prevent disaster,

There are many problems related to the implementation of the budget for public institutions that need to be determined by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Domestic Affairs.

YTN Kim Hyun Woo[]Is.

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