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"The 10th TAMA Film Awards Awards Ceremony" was held at the Parthenon Tama on Saturday, November 17 at the festival of fans of the film "The 28th Film Festival TAMA FORUM CINEMA", the actor who made the most jumps this year, extraordinary Yoshinori Yoshimura and Ryo Yoshizawa got the Best New Actress Award for rookie actors active in Miyuki Fukagawa and Sayori Ito, who won the same actress prize for the actress, and made a joyful speech.

"TAMA Film Award" is a gift launched from the point of view of a film fan, which aims to introduce good works, directors and actors who will give vitality to the audience as quickly as possible, this year marking the tenth time. In recent years, it has also received attention in the form of the earliest film awards this year, and this time various award-winning works were collected, and the winners also entered the stage.

28th Film Festival TAMA CINEMA FORUM
Mr. Yoshizawa announced the reason for the award, "He plays various roles with darkness behind the heart with various expressions, for roles that have the goodness of wrapping opponents, and a deep eye on those who see them." That's right, there are "Edge of the River", "Hug of Cats", "Gintama Command 2 is destroy", "Mamalade Boy", "Evil Rules and Mask", "Leon", Kusuo Saiti "difficult" and appear in seven works.

Yoshizawa said, "I started talking about 3 years ago with a manager who focused on films and this year a lot of films were released. Stars and staff I met at each workplace. I thought the meeting with the award had produced results from giving such a gift. "Thank you very much."

Yoshizawa Ryo / 28th Film Festival TAMA CINEMA FORUM
Mr. Yoshizawa, who declined various lineups, said, "I did many roles and it was a very pleasant year. It was fortunate that every loving thing would be published," said the heart. If you ask the role you want to do in the future, "What is it … there are various things (laughs). If you dare say, I want to try a normal life man like a super normal man, or no feature" I talk about my wish.

And Mr. Ito, who was awarded the prize, "This gives the depth of work for the work with characters that form unique to" Ito Saru ". I wake up with dancers and receive certificates etc. When I stand in front of the microphone to say hello, feel urulu's face. He said," I apologize (cry) "This is too early!) Because he said he didn't shed tears," he covered his face with the palm of your hand and turned it into laughter.

Sachi Ito / 28th Film Festival TAMA CINEMA FORUM
Mr. Ito, who is 24 years old and has 15 years of entertainment history, said, "I have been doing this work since I was 9 years old, but it has not only been enjoyable for fifteen years but there have been many broken hearts and hurts." "I think it's really a happy thing to have someone to recognize it. It stands here because there are many people. I think this is the starting line and I will keep chasing every day from now on, I love you so much I want to cause chemical reactions while enjoy the game, "he firmly stated his determination.

■ List of winners

Best Job Award
"Shoplifting the family" (Director Hirokazu Shiratani and staff)
"Lying on the bed" (Director Ryousuke Hamaguchi and all staff and players)

Special prize
Director Okita Shuichi, and Yamazaki Tsutomu, Norinbutsu Tree and all staff and casters ("Mori place")
Director Shinichiro Ueda, and all staff and players ("Don't Stop the Camera!")

Best Actor Award
Higashiide Changchun ("Lying in the Land" "Chrysanthemum and Guillotine" "Punk Samurai, Cutting Climb" "OVER DRIVE" "Version of The Invader Theatrical Running Prediction")
Matsuzaka Momoi ("Lonely wolf blood" "Prostitute" "Incompetent performer" "Bird that he doesn't know his name")

Best Actress Award
Ando Sakura ("Shoplifting the Family" "DESTROY the Story of Kamakura")
Actor Matsuoka ("Selfish shivering" "Shoplifting family" "Chihayafuru – node -" "blank13")

Best Emerging Director Award
Imaiizumiya Director ("Pan and bus and second hot duck")
Director Miyake Cho ("Your bird sings")

Best New Brent Actor Award
Yoshimura Kidman ("Mori Place" "Satan" "Salaba calm" "Around")
Ryo Yoshizawa ("Rivers Edge" "Embrace Cats" "Gintama 2 Command Is There to Beat" "Marmalade · Boy" "Rules of Crime and Mask" "Leon" "Kikuo Saiti" Ψ difficult ")

Best New Actress Award
Mai Fukagawa ("Pan and Bus and the Second Hatukoi")
Sayori Ito ("Enokida Trade Center" "Second group of bread and buses" "Lying on a bed" "empty 13")


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