Saturday , June 19 2021

Three people being treated in a disabled facility, holes in internal organs Former employee arrested assaulting multiple people (Kyodo News) –Yahoo! News

  1. Three people are being treated at a facility for the disabled, a former employee who was arrested for making holes in internal organs has been attacked by many people (Kyodo News)Yahoo! News
  2. Arrest of former facility staff with disabilities Abuse of residents with intellectual disabilitiesFNN Prime Online
  3. It also hints at attacks on other citizens … Former disabled facility employees arrested More than 3 people were injured last year and 1 died after
  4. Male resident, emergency transportation in the past Facilities for the disabled were arrested by former staff, Aichi | Kyodo
  5. “Daily stress …” A man from a former facility employee, assaulted by another (5 December 2020)ANNnewsCH
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