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The smart phone game application starts the latest for iPhone / Android in the process of sending / pre-registration received | Gamer game information site

New smartphone game application

"Genki Fushin" is a RPG card battle training simulation strategy that gathers full-time staff and explores Fukami's world.

The combination of four jobs, various skills, and characters is endless. Create your own unique strategy using legal cards such as the power of attack, recovery, and fainting. There is also a 2 vs 2 tag fight in collaboration with friends.

You can enjoy rich content such as guilds, major searches, fights, martial arts, mysterious missions, zenseng.

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"Sengoku Saga-The Ancient Land-" is a different world fantasy RPG that can be played 1000 players simultaneously. You can also enjoy communication with other players such as mythical gods, gods and wild animals, many possessions, union functions and the marriage system.

Let's adventure with friends with your own character.

Download Sengoku Saga-Ancient Land-

"El Chronicle" is a cinematic RPG complete with complete stories and deep storytelling. In battles that defeat enemies with non-targeting actions, you can enjoy fun games with camera work like movies and cut scenes.

There are also many multi-content such as Raid Battle where you can join friends in real time, and chat at the Open Field. There are lots of content such as studios where you can make equipment, missions, PvP, unlimited fortifications, etc.

Download the Elchronicle

"Last Claudia" is a fantasy RPG where you can enjoy fast dot character battles.

Dot characters develop real-time battles in space that are reproduced in 3D. Let's defeat the enemy while making full use of special techniques and super special skills on the battlefield that are constantly changing. The unit can be set to magic and can be a strong call.

There is a lot of content such as various tools, training methods, searches, and so on.

Download Claudia Last

The smartphone game application is under pre-registration

"Choito calls ☆ monster basket!" Is a training RPG where a hero who has been summoned to a different world enjoys a unique way of fighting with unique monsters and overcoming difficulties.

The game system is a turn-based command battle that is easy to use, and does not only focus on party strategies and organizations, but also has convenience features such as automatic functions and multiple speed modes.

A basket ☆ little caller monsters! Pre-registration to

"Great War of Fuwa" is a tactical real-time strategy that aims to conquer the empire in a fairytale fantasy world where animals live.

Strengthen military and internal affairs through construction, research, trade and production. Create alliances with peers and support defense and resources. Fight against hostile alliances, challenging siege battles that capture seven king castles that rule the world and become champions!

Pre-registration for a smooth war

"Soul Ark" is a command RPG that can connect combos and activate various skills. Many interesting characters appear, and you can train your favorite characters. You can also change the character's costume and enjoy it.

Lots of content is available such as Raid Battle, which challenges big monsters that attack cities with friends, PvP which aims to be the top player, and survive like fishing and mining.

Pre-registration in Soul Ark

"Noren's Fantasy" is an RPG puzzle development that combines RPGs and 3 puzzle matches. You can experience high immersion and pleasure by simultaneously enjoying interesting characters, worldviews, and stories that are characteristic of RPGs and the excitement of 3 matches at the same time.

It supports simultaneous play with up to 4 people, and during play it is possible to communicate with friends via chat and stamp.

Pre-registration to Nornes Fantasy

"The Arca Last: The End of the World and the Fruit of Diva" is an RPG drama group where a story in which seven troublemakers end the world is properly revealed. You can experience the story of destroying seven worlds, and every world has an end.

The battle adopts an automatic battle. Human relations are expressed and produced by combining systems such as conversations with friends and jealousy skills in battle.

Pre-registration for the world and Diva

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