“Review bombing” took place in the Steam version of “Monster Hunter: World”. Is it because of the “Monster Hunter” film line that was released previously in China? | AUTOMATON


On the store page of Steam’s version of “Monster Hunter: World”, the so-called review bombing has been going on since December 4th. It seems that the cause was not this work, but the movie “Monster Hunter” which was released in China on the same day.

The film “Monster Hunter” is produced in combination with the film series “Biohazard”, directed by Paul WS Anderson and starring Mira Jovovic. The story tells that an elite unit led by Artemis, played by Mira Jovovic, faces a huge sandstorm while stalking a desert area and gets lost in a world where monsters reside. Modern weapons didn’t work for monsters, and Artemis and the others learned how to fight from the hunters who lived here. It is said that the monsters and types of weapons that appear in the game version will appear in the works.

This work was originally scheduled for release on September 4, but was postponed due to the influence of the new coronavirus. After that, it was decided to release it on December 25 in the United States and March 26, 2021 in Japan, and prior to this, it started releasing in China starting December 4. However, the scene lines at the beginning of the film are a problem in China. Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at research firm Niko Partners, reported.

The scene in question is a conversation between Artemis members, who appear to be stalking the desert. A Chinese-American rapper member MC Jin spoke to the driver, “Look at my knee,” and asked, “What kind of knee is this?” “China” is returned. It’s a lonely pun with knees and “needs” chai.

However, it seems that this conversation reminds me of “China, Japan, dirty knees. Look at this,” which was once a play song for children in English speaking countries. In this play, not only Chinese / Japanese are juxtaposed with “dirty knees,” but also movements that mock common Chinese / Japanese features, such as lifting the outer corners of the eyes and showing off small breasts. Today, recognition that racial discrimination is well established.

Also, the “China” on the line has the subtitles “Yu-Golden.” This seems to have come from the Chinese word “Man Kneeling Gold”, which says that you should not kneel lightly, and as a result it is thought to be associated with dirty knees. It was a huge impetus for the Chinese to think that it was a line that deliberately used racially discriminatory game songs. Initially, the problem was reported in China, but now it seems that such articles have disappeared.

After the existence of this line was discovered, a large number of unpopular reviews were posted on the Steam version of “Monster Hunter: World”. Looking at the contents, most of the reviews show sample lines in Chinese and English. The number of popular reviews that seem to dispute this is on the rise, but the number of unpopular reviews is much higher. In the review column there is a statement that “Steam personnel are currently reviewing user review activity recently”, and Valve is investigating the suspicion that a review bombing is being carried out unrelated to game evaluation. It seems.

This is the same “Monster Hunter” IP, but the points of anger are directed at a different gaming job than the film. However, “Monster Hunter: World” collaborated with the film, and Artemis’s costume appeared in the game. It is possible that it is perceived as work related and attacked. Or, even if they don’t collaborate, they might be targeted just because they are from the same series.

Capcom released a statement on December 4 via Hong Kong-based Capcom Asia about the film “Monster Hunter,” which is premiering in China (Weibo). The film was made by another company, but after gathering feedback from fans, he said he would share his opinion with the companies involved. The company has stated that it will continue to produce high-quality games and deliver them to fans.

In addition, in China, it was reported that screening of the film “Monster Hunter” was canceled on December 5, and refund procedures are underway for ticket buyers, according to information from cinema sources (Net Easy Yue). It should have been screened in the country after being censored by regulators, but it said it plans to correct the scene and refine it. Although the actual meaning of the scriptwriters remains unclear about this line, the perception that the play songs mentioned are racial discrimination is the same for non-Chinese people. It will be watched whether it will be fixed when it is released in other countries in the future.

The movie “Monster Hunter” will be released in Japan on March 26, 2021.


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