Friday , December 4 2020

[Raksasa]Director Hara “Train hard and be ready to rush” 39 seconds after the match (sports alert) –

  1. [Raksasa]Director Hara “Train hard and be ready to rush” Post match interview is 39 seconds (sports notification)
  2. The difference between Kanno and Chiga is the difference between Se and Pa / Koji Uehara –Critical column –Baseball columnNikkan Sports
  3. Analysis of the distribution of the ball to Kurihara from a giant battery that is less quiet in the first game of the Japanese series (Sportiva web)Yahoo! News
  4. [Jepang S]Hawk / Chiga “Nothing Good” Upset & Fork The value of turning a giant even if it is cut (November 22, 2020) –Excite NewsExciting news
  5. Giant Hara “Arus” the Japanese S team’s worst 13 goalsNikkan Sports
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