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One Seg disappears, only one model is installed on the high-Engadget Japanese version

One Seg function quickly disappears from the smartphone. The autumn-winter model announced by NTT DoCoMo and KDDI is the only model equipped with 1Seg, "Xperia 5" made by Sony Mobile, not including the Raku-Raku terminal for seniors.

In the fall and winter of DOCOMO a year ago, three models of "Xperia XZ3", "Galaxy Note9" and "Galaxy Feel" supported 1Seg. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy series did not respond this fall / winter, and Sharp's "AQUOS zero2" is not supported. As a result, the number of terminals compatible with One Seg has been reduced.

Regarding this background, DOCOMO representatives commented, "Because video distribution on the Internet is increasing". The explanation is based on diversifying the style of watching videos on smartphones, while avoiding mentioning changing needs.

In addition, there are voices that question the needs of 1Seg itself, such as an iPhone without 1Seg getting an extraordinary piece in Japan. In addition, there is a Supreme Court decision that a cellular terminal compatible with 1Seg is required to bear the cost of receiving NHK, and there are some households that do not have TVs, especially one-person households. There are some rejection of the obligation to bear the costs of acceptance.

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