Friday , December 4 2020

I have strong habits! The topic is how to use the Mittilan-Super World Soccer replacement union!

  1. Strong habit! How to wear the Mittilan substitute uniform is a topicSuper world football!
  2. The worst 60 minutes for Takumi Nanno. Worst evaluation issue without impact, where Liverpool have narrowed further[Eropa CL]Football channel
  3. “I’m really suffering.” Nanno’s unexploded, British newspaper said the lowest-ranking team “I’m frustrated with myself.”
  4. [Reaksi luar negeri]Takumi Minamino, who got the chance to start, failed to appeal …
  5. “I am not blessed with my allies” Takumi Nanno, who had no place to appear in the match against MittilanLiveoor
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