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F1 Sahir GP 2020 Final: Temporary Beginning Grid[]

F1 Sahir GP 2020 Final: Temporary Grid Start

F1 has announced a provisional starting grid for Round 16 of the 2020 F1 World Championship Bahrain Grand Prix Final.

In this tournament, Pitrolo Fitty Paldi of Haas F1 will be the last start due to engine change, but Fitty Paldi finished qualifying in 20th place, and the final grid start of the F1 Sahir GP will remain in the qualifying rankings.

Bartelli Bottas from Mercedes is in pole position. The No.2 vanguard grid was lined with George Russell who had hastily replaced Luis Hamilton who had contracted the new coronavirus.

Max Felstappen (Red Bull Honda) is on the 3rd grid in the 2nd row, and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) is on the 4th grid.

The Mercedes lining the front row started with medium tires, and the top 10 riders after that started with soft tires. You can freely select tires after the 11th grid.

The lap of the Sahir GP F1 formation will start at 26.10 (20:10 local time) on Sunday, 6 December.

Temporary Grid Start F1 Sahir GP 2020

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