Conversation between F1 leader Red Bull and Sergio Perez recorded and discussed / F1 Sahir GP[]


A conversation between Red Bull F1 leader and Sergio Perez was recorded and discussed about the F1 / Sahir GP

Red Bull F1 motor sports advisers Helmut Marco and Sergio Perez speak in front of the Red Bull motor home in Bahrain, which has become a hot topic.

Sergio Perez, who will only lose his F1 seat in this season’s races, is rumored to be able to win the Red Bull Honda F1 2021 seat as the successor to Alexander Arbon.

Meanwhile, the photo of Sergio Perez and Helmut Marco chatting in the paddock in Bahrain was taken and became a hot topic.

But Sergio Perez made it clear that Honda F1 talks with Red Bull had nothing to do with next season’s seats.

“I just greeted him,” commented Sergio Perez who was asked about the conversation after the F1 Sahir GP qualification.

“As they say, decisions are made in Abu Dhabi.”

It remains unclear whether Alexander Arbon will remain at Red Bull Honda in 2021, under the names Sergio Perez and Nico H├╝rkenberg.

For Alexander Albon, the remaining two races were crucial moments, but in the F1 Sahir GP qualifying, Albon lost Q2 and started the final from the 12th grid.

Earlier, Bettel said he was “just saying hello” when a video of Sebastian Better and owner Lawrence Stroll performing an “elbow touch” was released before a move to Aston Martin was decided. I have decided to move.

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