Monday , February 24 2020


Maurizio Sarri was quite calm, unlike his colleague Antonio Conte, he did not throw the stylet and players and managers and waited confidently for the first friendly match against the Champions finalists, confident that his team would do well from the first match, with the identity of the game to succeed conquer from time to time. Sarri himself stressed: "We want to be a team with strong characterization. Then we will try to ensure that this identity makes us win."

The Bianconeri want to have well-defined characteristics that can help them win, who can identify them clearly and that allow them to be the best, still in Italy and to try to climb in Europe.

Today nobody hopes to see a cheerful team, certainly to see some interesting elements that have caused Sarri to be valued in Italy and in any case to win the European League at Chelsea.

There will be several stars against Spurs, starting with De Ligt, who will do part of the game, not having the slightest agreement with his team-mates, but the curiosity of the fans to see it on the field.

There will be, a phenomenon, Cristiano Ronaldo, which Sarri has seen in a certain position and definitely: "Cristiano has won everything at the individual and collective level starting a little from the left. The first attempt is to start from that position, but with quality, moving it ten meters will not change anything. "

Ronaldo will be a fundamental in the Sarri project and the coach talks to him constantly to make him feel comfortable, the same applies to Higuain, until there is: "I work with the players provided by the company for me. Gonzalo is currently available and I consider it 100% in the program. If the company makes another decision, I will adapt. "

It will adapt, while today fans hope to see something interesting, ideas, ideas working for the future, today the results are nothing, which will be interesting from the first of the championship.

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