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Wind Price List: starting 18 November 2019, free SBS Wireless Headsets with Phones Included – | Telephony | Offer

from November 18, 2019, on the occasion of new offers and promos Wind for the Christmas period, will be a part of Wind price list different new smartphone and many will be launched promotion for those who buy a telephone in combined installments Wind supply.

From 18 November 2019 to January 6, 2020, it is possible to buy a new device in installments with Wind: Xiaomi Mi Note 10, Redmi Note 8T, TCL Plex, LG K50s, Motorola G8 Plus and Apple iPad 10.2 ″.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Specifically, that Xiaomi Mi Note 10 will be available in 30 monthly installments, only debited from the remaining credit, from 9,99 euros with an advance of 149.99 euros and the possibility of a final installment of 159.21 euros, while Redmi Note 8T in 30 monthly installments, debited from a credit card or checking account, from 2.99 euros with an advance of € 69.99 and the possibility of a final installment of € 90.21.

that TCL Plex will be bought at € 3,99 per month for 30 months with an advance of € 39.99, in the case of a debit on a credit card, or a 2.99 euros with an advance of € 69.99, in the case of debits on the current account. The final final installment, regardless of the chosen payment method, will be € 110.21.

Three registered devices will also be available for purchase no progress, thank you for the financing Findomestic, and in 30 monthly payments from 4.99 euros per month (last installment € 105.19) for Redmi Note 8T, from € 14.99 (The final installment is finally 165.19 euros) for Mi Note 10 or from 5.99 euros (finally the last installment of 116.19 euros) for TCL Plex.

that Motorola G8 Plus will be available in 30 monthly installments from 99 cents euro with an advance of 99.99 euros and the possibility of a final installment of 100.21 euros, as well as the device LG K50s in 30 monthly payments from 1 euro with an advance of 59.99 euros and the possibility of a final installment of 109.91 euros. With both smartphones, you can choose between a credit card or current account.

Finally, it will be available Apple iPad 10.2 " from 128GB and 32GB in 30 monthly installments, each is debited with a credit card € 13.99 and € 10.99 with an advance of 209.99 euros and 199.99 euros and the possibility of a final installment of 10.21 euros.

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Other news starts from 18 November 2019, and is available until December 31, 2019, will be SBS Earphone Promo. The latter will allow you to do it receive a free SBS Wireless headset and will be addressed to all new customer (also in portability) that they will buy, along with the activation of the new SIM, one smartphone in installments with the included telephone or Findomestic funded telephone.

Promo, can be accessed at all Wind shops officially, will not include any costs other than those associated with activating offers with smartphones. This initiative will be available with all smartphones purchased in store mode Including Cellphones or Funded (Purchases with one payment are therefore not included).

Always up to you December 31, 2019. in addition, it is possible to utilize 1 month of free Smartphone Recharging service for all customers who will activate a smartphone for sale in installments (including cellphone or financing).

Specifically, this promo will offer to customers free withdrawal rights within 30 days from the date of activation of the Reload Smartphone, provided, during that period, a device replacement is not required.

Therefore, within the first 30 days of activation, customers will have the possibility to do so deactivate service without charge, send an SMS to number 43143 with the word ‘"Reload NO". However, after 30 days have passed, customers will no longer be able to deactivate services without restrictions, but there will be one minimum duration of 24 months from the day of activation and payment of 24 monthly payments.

Continue until January 6, 2020, depending on any changes, offer Wind Smart Pack which provides minutes without limits towards everyone, 30 gig data traffic and one including smartphones starting from € 11.99 per month.

Among the smartphones available at zero levelfrom November 18, 2019, You can find ZTE Blade A5 2019 (zero in advance), Huawei Y6 2019 (39.99 euros advance), Samsung Galaxy A10 (39.99 euros advance), Huawei P Smart 2019 (49.99 euros advance), Xiaomi Redmi 8 (down payment 49.99 euros) and Oppo A9 2020 (down payment 79.99 euros).

with 1 euro per month in addition, with a total cost € 12.99 per month, you can choose between smartphones more featured: Samsung Galaxy A20e (69.99 euro advance), TCL Plex (89.99 euro advance), Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T (99.99 euro advance), Huawei P Smart Z (99.99 euro advance), Samsung Galaxy A50 (advance of 139.99 euros) and Huawei P30 lite (advance of 149.99 euros).

Wind Smart Pack

wind allow for pay in installments new smartphone by activating the service Telephone included which is for customers refillable, available if you have one of the offers All Inclusive and All Inclusive Young (both also with Easy Pay) or Call your country with minutes included (Except Call Your Country Gold and Call Your Country Wind).

Variant Findomestic allows you to install devices by installments at the forward zero and zero level with discharge at current account or postal order. Or, some already customer refill chosen with incompatible offer to Phone Included (such as tariff options Operator, Winback and Last Minute Attacks) But can buy a new smartphone through various initiatives dedicated to them.

Wind customers, who decided to install device, promises to retain ownership of a SIM or a rechargeable subscription, continue to activate compatible offers, not change payment methods and not change tariff plans into lower cost packages.

In the case of an early withdrawal, for reasons attributed to customers, all remaining installments are included Expected final installment. In the case of customers who meet, no additional fees must be paid. All prices are listed above look exclusively for purchases by installments product and does not include a monthly fee for the combined rate offer.

Without formalization from the operator, the news is considered exclusively as an affair without informative and commercial value.

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