Monday , July 26 2021

WhatsApp scam, 200 euro coupon: many users were attacked

WhatsApp, a new scam is coming. Several users reported fake messages regarding the alleged 200 euro coupon

WhatsApp scams
WhatsApp, a recently discovered scam related to a suspected coupon (Photo: Getty)

The number one messaging app in the world it is undoubtedly WhatsApp. Thanks to the many features available to users, it has been for years a reality for everyone, from the younger to the older. The number of messages and multimedia content sent every day is impressive and continues to increase.

However, within all this content, fraud is often lurking which can be very dangerous. The last one concerns the messages we are talking about alleged 200 euro coupon and discount code for major fashion and IT brands. This is clearly a hoax, which also calls big companies like Carrefour, MediaWorld, and Conad. Let’s take a detailed look at what the umpteenth scam on WhatsApp consists of.

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WhatsApp, coupon scams: that’s how it is

WhatsApp scams
Here are the details of the scam (Photo: Getty)

A new scam has been running on WhatsApp in the last few days. As reported by many users, there is a message which talks about a discount code that is allegedly worth 200 euros can be used for many very important fashion and IT brands. To get it, as is so often the case, cybercriminals asked fill in the form with your personal data. This is clearly a hoax, because everything the user enters becomes material to be sold to companies for advertising purposes.

To understand that this is a scam and not verified news, there are some red flags kind of clear. First of all, big companies don’t use WhatsApp to promote promotions or launch discount codes, but they always refer to the official site. Second, these scams always have a link to click, which is a real link “Weapons” for cyber criminals.

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