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Volkswagen believes: 40% investment in electric cars


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Sixty billion euros in 2024 to develop future cars. The new figure announced today is 16 billion higher than shown last year. Of this amount, 40% will be used for the development of electric models, 40% of the total, and 10% more than expected

by Alberto Annicchiarico

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Volkswagen is right, despite the moonlight in the global car industry. Large world houses struggle with the costs of the electric revolution (imposed by politics and not by the market) and drive autonomously. Hundreds of billions of the total investment in the next few years will make the company generate margins and distribute dividends. Only yesterday German rivals ahead of premium cars, Daimler, had to admit that the margins of the next two years would be severely limited by the convergence of costs and sales figures that were not brilliant.

The world's leading manufacturer with more than 10 million vehicles sold annually through 12 of its brands, announced it would invest 60 billion euros in 2024 to develop the car of the future, through hybridization, electric mobility and digitalization. The new figure is 16 billion higher than shown last year and at this year's annual conference: 33 of these billions will be dedicated exclusively to electric-powered cars.

The percentage of investment dedicated to hybrid and draft cars will increase from the 30% indicated last year to 40%. Volkswagen intends to introduce up to 75 models really electricity, compared to the previous estimate of around 70. Estimates 26 million that e-car produced later 10 years, compared with the previous target of 22 million. Maybe at Wolfsburg they believe that after the unattractive start of the electricity market, which translates into volume unable to bear the investment costs, customers will increasingly choose electric cars. Among other things, in 2020 the first "small" Vw, ID.3, will begin, costing around 30 thousand euros, a challenge they don't want in Wolfsburg and can't lose.

Indonesian government Angela Merkel. With incentives for those who buy electric cars that cost less than 40 thousand euros (not Tesla, for now: US rivals who will open their first European production plant in Berlin: 35 thousand Euro Model 3 have not yet been sold), but also with the station more refueling and rising traditional fuel prices. That is investment Monstre around 100 billion euros, of which 54 are allocated in 2023.

Volkswagen confirmed the goals set for 2019, said the CEO Herbert Diess after the board meeting. "Even in a difficult global market environment – he said – we are on the right track". In terms of delivery, the group aims to repeat the 2018 figure (after lowering the standard a few weeks ago by 900 thousand cars produced), while adjusted operating margins must match, between 6.5 and 7.5 percent.

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