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Venice, fear returns: Piazza San Marco has been attacked by water, he headed 160 cm

VENICE – It's only a rest day. Tidal forecasts for today in Venice are deteriorating. The high water forecast has been revised upwards from 150 centimeters to 160 cm in the middle of the sea, at 11:20 am, this shows the City's tidal center which recently activated the alarm sirens in the city. They rang four times, or maximum alarm, the sounds that Venice was very familiar with. At present with the Piazza San Marco there has been a lot of flooding, to the point where employees are now taking off the suspended sidewalk that at this hour is the only connection and path between the sides of the square. And when it started raining, the area was now completely submerged in water. A tense wind made things difficult for the situation, even if it wasn't from Sirocco. Tides rise quickly, as shown by units in the open sea. Because of the tide, the vaporetti was also forced to change direction. Venice's public transport service was suspended altogether because the tidal heights were more than 140 cm, the city recalled via Twitter. Only connections to islands are made from the rest of the facilities that are accessible. The authorities invite you to follow updates through the Telegram tidal center information, the Tidal Centro information and the municipal site of Venice.

Meanwhile, the president of the council Giuseppe Conte announced to Corriere della Sera that they had called 'Comitatone' between ministries for the preservation of Venice on November 26, where governance for the structural problems of the city, such as large ships and Mose, will also be discussed and also anticipate "the mayor will be appointed as a commissioner in connection with the emergency that we completed yesterday in CDM". The prime minister recalled the 20 million earmarked for urgent intervention, which would be followed by funds to refinance specific laws for Venice. "For how much money will be allocated to Venice after an emergency at these hours, we are waiting for timely recognition of the needs and interventions that the mayor guarantees we will generate in the coming days" and "when we have the overall picture – the prime minister added – we will allocate what is needed for restoration work, and with Minister Franceschini also for interventions on cultural heritage ".

Chancellor of the University of Venice Ca 'Foscari, Michele Bugliesi, thank you on social media for his students who offered to help with the current emergency: "On these serious emergencies – he wrote on Facebook – for Venice and for Ca 'Foscari we received many messages from students and our students who make themselves available to help the city and its citizens.Thank you, thank you for the lessons in this civilization and for the love you show in the universities and cities that welcome you, and love Venice, and to ensure that your dreams become perspective concrete that we all must work to provide a future for our city ".

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