Tumors: fight pancreatic cancer, research and customized care at Gemelli


Rome, November 9 (AdnKronos Health) – The fight against pancreatic cancer has new allies. The Gemelli Pancreatic Advanced Research Center was born. The point of Italian excellence in research and assistance in the fields of pancreatic disease, inflammation and neoplastic. The facility, which will use outpatient Digestive Disease Centers (Cemad), aims to promote and carry out scientific, basic and applied activities as well. Starting November 15, World Day for the fight against pancreatic cancer, will be broadcast on & # 39; s Doctor & # 39; s Life & # 39; – 440 of Sky channels – reports in the center with interviews and unpublished images. "All skills are already in this hospital, what is important is to put them together and work together, if this is & # 39; playing & # 39; well to win sick people," said Giovanni Battista Doglietto, director of the Gemini Pancreatic Advanced Research Center . The fulcrum of the Gemini Pancreatic Advanced Research Center is multidisciplinary, in fact there will be more than 10 medical specialties that will treat patients in 360 degrees. Starting from taking control, to treatment, to post-operator control. Pancreatic tumors are still frightening: in 2018 the estimate is 13,300 new cases, which is more than a thousand a month in Italy. Estimates of survival, unfortunately, are still a few years ago: 5 years after diagnosis, the figure is around 8% and 10% at 3%. To challenge cancer in the field of research, the Gemelli Irccs University Polyclinic Hospital reported in Rome a champion, Giampaolo Tortora, therapist for pancreatic cancer with chemotherapy drugs and with new drugs in experiments, as well as studies of biomolecular mechanisms of tumor growth. "On the horizon it is possible to apply the biomolecular knowledge that we obtain with laboratory research – remember Tortora, director of the Oncology Oncology Gemini Hospital – Translated into clinical practice, that means understanding how molecular changes are present in various pancreatic tumors, because they must be remembered not all are the same, may be influenced by drugs that in some cases we already have and in other cases are developing. This will enable us to personalize care for our patients ". The main strength of the center is therefore multidisciplinary, more specialists work together to ensure the best assistance for each patient. To do this every Monday, the multidisciplinary council meets: gastroenterologists, endoscopy, radiologists, surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists, and pathologists to analyze clinical cases to describe the right strategies. Personal medicine that sees the patient's kindness. "The decision taken together – said Sergio Alfieri, professor of general surgery at Catholic University – is for patients to guarantee that he has a reason and there is personalized therapy". According to Antonio Gasbarrini, director of gastroenterology and the field of medical oncology at Gemelli, "we know in particular that inflammatory diseases or neoplastic pancreas are difficult, complicated, and only super special and special centers that can produce good results". This year Nobel goes to & # 39; father & # 39; from immunotherapy. For tumors, not only the pancreas, we are facing a real revolution dreamed of by cancer experts long ago. "We have to gather and find the best care for patients in this case," concluded Doglietto.


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