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Try the 5-door Sportline Volkswagen Golf 1.9 TDI

Published October 25, 2018

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Volkswagen Golf 1.9 TDI Sportline 5-door

Volkswagen Golf
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Because I bought it or tried it

I was looking for media to replace my first car, a multi-purpose classic 1.3 diesel engine that traveled around 20,000 km a year. Purchased in 2015 and selected for well-known reliability of 1.9 t in German companies (defined by many as the last original VW engine) and the ratio of consumption / performance in the body to the line is still good to see after years of first exit on the market.


The interior is quiet and a bit frills, the colors that apply to the sports line are gray fabric chairs (containing the front), soft plastic boards and details such as handles and nozzles. Internal plastic has good quality apart from the central nozzle placed on the dashboard towards the windshield because it is affected by sudden changes in temperature and creaks when touched. Apart from this detail, the inside of the golf course is very resistant to the passage of years and kilometers, even after 12 years from the first registration, there was no slight noise or disturbing interference in the cabin. The sound system surprised me with its strength and quality which consisted of 6 total speakers: 4 on the front panel and 2 on the rear.


Driving golf is far more satisfying for comfort than for an easy ride especially in the city due to the lack of direct steering and because the sound of the engine which is carried over 2500 rpm is felt a lot. Road suspension is also good thanks to the rather rigid trim offered by the sports line which turns out to also take high-speed bends so the car doesn't break up and doesn't pay much attention to comfort on potholes and depression. Braking is good but after a few spikes the braking system loses some effectiveness and the pedals start to become hard
Consumption: with full you travel around 850 km in your city has consumption of around 14 km / l, extraurban You also make 19 with liters, finally on the highway with a code of speed the car can do 15 works in the 2700rpm Regime with sixth gear

Will I buy it or buy it again?

I will definitely buy it again considering that it never gave me a problem in 160 thousand km and because the consumption and performance is very close to the more modern 1.6 diesel, given that this is a 2007 car.

Volkswagen Golf 1.9 TDI Sportline 5-door

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