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Today's horoscope, Friday 11 October: sign-by-sign forecast

This is today's horoscope, October 11, signed by Barbanera e aired every day on Rgs.

Aries. That day, especially related to business, financial transactions, and money movements, requires attention and common sense. It is not excluded that someone, taking advantage of your naivete, is trying to fool you.

Toro Supported by the Moon-Pluto sextile, the lost position disappears after slipping. The right combination of intuition and rationality supports you. Update the scheme or revive a relationship without breaking it. An act of generosity towards yourself.

Gemini. Months in Pisces cause you to lose hits, and you may have to pay off old debts that were forgotten or deal with unexpected expenses. Express your mood sincerely and don't let yourself be influenced by insecurities from people close to you.

Cancer. What a pleasant Friday awaits you, with the Moon in Pisces flooding you with hugs! Encouraged by your sweetness, the couple responded … well. Not to be missed: a concert, a romantic film, a hike through the forest, face to face with …

Leone. For cats like you, love must have a prey to hunt: without an attractive target, save ammunition. Placed in the right perspective, problems, anxiety and fear can give you interesting inspiration.

Virgin. However, hostility from the Moon to Jupiter, with no practical results, disturbs the emotional tone. Don't react in a hurry, wait for it to pass. Do you have a slight difference of opinion with your employees? What's wrong is never on one side …

Libra. The ability to adapt allows you to experiment with new situations and find opportunities to improve certain ideas that are locked in a drawer. Attention in giving trust to people who might have a weak concept of wisdom.

Scorpio. The fantastic aspect of the planet gives you proof of the depth of feeling and strengthens the existing bond, directing it to a more solid goal. A good time where passion gets softness of involvement and trust in intimacy.

Sagittarius. Making accusations or complaining about wrongs is not constructive, especially if it is not the spirit of justice that guides you, but only revenge is useless. Make the best of a bad situation and use your intelligence to get out of this annoying mess.

Capricorn Benefiting from the Moon sextile, Pluto generates opportunities to benefit from business and travel, or to contribute to joint projects. The spirit of greater collaboration smooths out questions that put domestic life in chaos.

Aquarium. Someone gives you strong emotions, but if you are busy, before evaluating headers, both pros and cons are the reasons for a better half. To achieve your desires, check the budget. Money comes, but don't be tempted by the market.

Fish. Sensitivity reaches a record high, too bad that it turns into vulnerability and that observation is enough to trigger an emotional storm. Bring the grit, and don't let zero judgment and criticism hurt you.

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