this film will have Palico and the best monsters from the saga


Paul W.S. Anderson express his intention about the film monster hunter, talk about monster and from loved ones Palico.

movie monster hunter palico

New information from the set

Recently, filming began South Africa and namibia for new films by Paul W.S. Anderson. Monster Hunter.

Film, whose main character is his wife, Milla Jovovich, in roles Captain Natalie Artemis, is a film adaptation of the homogeneous videogame saga.

Anderson, talk about film, said he had no intention make monster from the beginning.

"Look, I don't need to make new monsters. There have been a lot of spectacular creatures created over the years. We aim at Monster Hunter's favorite creature, the last title, but we also carry what I think is the most beautiful monster from the previous game."

Regarding human character, Anderson confirm arrival handler, dell & # 39;admiral. Aiden, theAiden's handler and I Palico.

"We want Palico. This is a video game based film, but in Monster Hunter you make your own character. Don't play games like Lara Croft or Jill Valentine. Play with your creations, and here's a little. Some characters will be new creations, but this is a reflection of what the videogame is. This is truly a film that is firmly and fully connected with the world of video games, as you would expect with me that I worked with Capcom for nine years to adjust it and bring it to the big screen.

that film already has a number of famous actors who are ready to fight on heaths desert.

that plot the film will revive a world hidden behind us, where monster dangerous and powerful have control. When Lieutenant Artemis (Jovovich) and his team come transported from our world to a new world, lieutenants will have a surprise. Inside him desperate battle to survive in a brutal world, Artemis will know and join him mysterious man who found a way to fight monsters.

source: Bloody Disgusting

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