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The pit bull kills a dog. Owner found and reported – Chronicle

Empoli, November 18, 2018 – Torture and killing of animals, negligent personal injury, insults and threats. This is a crime alleged against pitbull owners who, in the past few days, on & # 39; lap & # 39; Empoli attacked two dogs, in two separate episodes, causing the death of one of them. The man, MB, forty-year-old Empoli, was reported by police officers at the end of the investigation to ascertain the dynamics and responsibility of the episode of violence, which was consumed after several days and several meters from each other, creating an alarm for those who live in the center. The latter dates back to Tuesday afternoon, through Salvagnoli: flying staff are called to intervene at the intersection with via Ridolfi because the mastiff breed pitbull has bitten a dog.

The agents identified the owner, among them, as being known by the police. He appears that his dog, with a rope but without the muzzle is obliged, has biting the other in the throat, seriously injuring him and also injuring the little girl's conductor: falling to the ground and dragged. In a desperate attempt to seize an animal that was attacked to death, the woman who held him by rope and the owner immediately took him to a veterinary clinic where, unfortunately, all four legs died in the early hours of Friday. Terrible epilogue. All this while the police investigation continues, with the second case being dealt with.

Thursday, in fact, in the office of Piazza Gramsci is presented another dog owner: he reported that his dog had been attacked. on via RidolfiLast Saturday, explained that the attacker was Pitbull, at the time of fact without straps and snouts. On that occasion, to avoid the worst, it was the intervention of a large dog owner who, unhappy, thought well for 'convincing' the owner of an injured dog not to call the police, threatened to inspire him against Pitbull. Cold extortion which was soon discovered by the author, M.B. the same, reported for both episodes.

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