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the benefits of ancient practices

The World Health Organization has identified several pathologies in which this traditional Chinese discipline has proven effective

Needle healing according to a thousand year practice whose health effects are also recognized byWorld Health Organization: let's talk about acupuncture.

This therapeutic discipline is one of the five forming forms traditional Chinese medicine along with phytotherapy, massage, medical exercise and diet therapy.

Holistic therapy that considers patients in the totality of symptoms, i.e.acupuncture take advantage of the benefits that come from stimulation of several energy points a single-use, disposable human body that is inserted into 400 sensitive areas of the human body identified by Chinese medicine.

Its effectiveness in treating painful forms such as arthrosis, migraine and headaches, but also pathologies such as anxiety, insomnia or depression are officially recognized and free from side effects. In some cases, by rebalancing the patient's energy center, it can also lead to one weight loss, although "of course this is not the main purpose of acupuncture, which, in any case, is not an alternative to traditional medicine", stresses Roberto Gatto, president of the So Wen Study Center in Milan, Italian Acupuncture Society (SIA) and the Chinese Pharmacotherapy Association (AFAC). "There is a pathology where we work side by side with traditional medicine and others where we can replace it".

What is certain is that it is not artificial science, and in Italy those who practice it must be a doctor. "The World Health Organization has confirmed the effectiveness of acupuncture to treat at least 43 pathologies, mostly with painful components, but not only: anxiety, insomnia, asthma, allergic rhinitis, digestive disorders, changes in the menstrual cycle. This therapeutic discipline is also very effective in helping medically assisted fertilization: seducing first and session then increasing the chances of success ", explained Dr. Gatto.

One area of ​​application is that oncologic, where supporting acupuncture with traditional therapies helps fight side effects such as nausea. But also in regulating blood pressure This therapy can provide excellent results, which in some cases even leads to the abandonment of the need to take medication.

"What is interesting – stressing Dr. Gatto – is that when results are obtained with acupuncture, they are generally long-lasting results, it is not sinus therapy. There are patients who, thanks to acupuncture, resolve their problems definitively".

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