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"Temptation Island Vip 2", Zoe Mallucci revealed what the relationship between him and Andrea Ippoliti after the program ended!

Andrea Ippoliti, Zoe Mallucci

This edition Temptation Island Vip and among the couples most talked about about the public at home are those composed by Andrea Ippoliti and Nathaly Caldonazzo.

Ippoliti, in fact, he dangerously approached one of the teasers in the village to release anger Nathaly and caused it to ask for an early campfire. The teaser who attracts attention Andrea is a Roman zoe Mallucci that al Magazine for Men and Women tell how he went through all his adventures& # 39; in the Is morus Relais.

On page magazine zoe he expresses his emotions when returning from temptation:

Return of temptation it's not easy. Back, the first days without andrea, after becoming my reference in the village, it made things more complicated: I felt confused and needed time to metabolize everything. It is not a mystery that on social networks arrived, avalanches of criticism of me. The picture of a twenty year old woman who has a relationship with a grown man has looked bad and many think that I am hunting because no one knows business. In the village I set no limits and I don't think I killed anyone by approaching them.

On the show between Ippoliti and Caldonazzo. zoe he looks shallow:

I believe that men are the mirrors of women who are next to them and vice versa. if andrea he goes so far as to let himself be so mean that their partner has a problem. However, even though he knew he did not arouse the sympathy of his former colleague, I regret seeing a woman feel bad seeing her boyfriend replace her with a much younger girl. I want to apologize personally for allowing ourselves too much, but the conditions are not possible. I am annoyed with the attack, especially because you expect more from a fifty-year-old woman. You are allowed to comment on my profile Instagram, when he was the first person in the past to display his body television. It is true, me and andrea we are two instincts and may have lost track of the situation, but not Nathaly I will wait for the end of three weeks before discarding a relationship, so as to find out how far his friend will really come.

that Mallucci he also clarified that in the village he would not make things happen, either further physical approaches or possible kisses:

Like me, nothing will happen, but maybe we will tell ourselves more important things about his personal life. I don't think he will even look for further physical approaches.

Beautiful romance was also expressed in the pages magazine with what is the current relationship andrea:

Andrea and I, after our last meeting with Men and Women, felt but we had not yet met again. We are deadlocked. I want to make it free to solve sensitive problems. I know that now he must improve relations with his ex-wife and children, and it is not my intention to create personal problems for him.

In fact, the former teaser said he was sorry Temptation Island time he can't spend together andrea, besides the fact it has no chance to be found:

Maybe not stay until the end. I will have the opportunity to live everyday life Andrea that today, among many disorders, it is no longer possible to find. And then I would like a different picture from me going home. They all stopped looking, while people approached me andrea precisely the fact that he looked at me with other eyes and wanted to find out who I was.

And he determined not to hear other people and not be intimidated by the difference in age with andrea or from his personal situation:

I feel like saying that, to this day, I don't want to hear anyone else. I want to know whether the weeks spent in the village are only related to the context or not. Nothing scares me. I am not afraid of the difference in age or that fact andrea be a man with children, but it's too early to talk about all this. What I do know is that, although many of us try to change my mind, I have known people who are protective, sensitive, bright and direct. He was never proven to be jealous or lustful towards me. Description made by someone else Andrea it belongs to a man I don't know.

At the criticism of his profile Instagram, instead he wants to determine:

For those who criticize me, I want to answer like this: "When you make so many sacrifices to have a good car and you buy it, you don't keep it in a closed garage but you can take it around. Here, I do the same thing with my body"I know, as a young girl I was criticized for my physical form, so when I was growing up I learned to trust myself, approached the gym and began to dedicate myself to my body. I started working as a model and today, when I saw myself, I like myself and I like sharing my photos on social media, I don't think the B-side of the show can be scandalous, nothing vulgar in my photos, I know that by exposing myself to TV programs I will be criticized, but what I regret is when they turn into insults and sometimes even make them mothers of families.

As for future projects:

Right now I want to devote myself to my university career. I want to graduate in the next year and take a new course. At work I am ready to get involved, so what will come will welcome him with open arms. I am young and very curious: I'm not afraid of anything.

And what do you think about the road zoe and his words?

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