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Dry eye syndrome, more cases in the Po Valley than at the South-Center: science explains why

eye drier in the Po Valley than in Central-South? Yes, science says it and research also explains why: all mistakes smog and technology, for use computer, E. that smog, excessive use computer. tablet and smartphone: this can be a factor that causes it eye residents of the Po Valley look more dry & # 39; than other Italians.

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This is what emerged from the results of the fourth prevention and diagnosis campaign dry eye syndrome, promoted from May 8 to June 14 by the Italian Dry Eye Center (Cios) in Milan in collaboration with the University of Insubria Eye Clinic in Varese, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, Lombardy Region, Milan City and the Italian Ophthalmology Society (Soi). Created with the aim of "providing information and making residents aware of widespread eye diseases but still underappreciated and poorly understood", this initiative allows 745 free screenings to be carried out in 15 participating centers throughout the Peninsula.

"Diagnostic tests – organizers' reports – have found that 83% of patients in the Po Valley regional centers (Milan, Varese, Turin and Padua), where environmental pollution and technology use are wider, are presented with dry eye syndrome (in 29 % of cases are in the medium form), of 73% of people visited in other participating structures (Naples, Arezzo, Pisa, Bari, Catania, Sassari, and Lecce) ». Screening shows that" technology use for more than 6 hours a day is greater among patients in Po Valley centers (47%) compared to Central and South Italian groups (33%) ".

Among the many causes that trigger dry eye syndrome, among them experts list for example "aging, hormonal changes, systemic diseases, smoking, alcohol", air pollutants play an important role, because they can trigger proactive signals. inflamed and affected the composition of the tear film. Pollution often exceeds the maximum permissible threshold especially in large population centers ", and" in the sample studied, 33% of the population of the Po Valley lives in cities with more than 500 thousand inhabitants "." But it can also change the function of water eyes – a warning to experts – even lifestyle: stay long in a room with AC or use a computer, tablet or cellphone for hours. In fact, these technology devices tend to blink less frequently, reducing tear fluid production ".

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