Tuesday , October 26 2021

School reopens: afternoon shifts, short tests and summer lessons. Azzolina went to work on January 7



Will there be an afternoon shift? “Schools do not escape, the important thing is to send 75% of high school students”. Education Minister Lucia Azzolina di L’Aria on Sunday L7 did not hesitate to return to school on January 7 for high school students.

And the afternoon shift is part of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s ‘plan’: “they are welcome” he said at a press conference, describing the latest Dpcm measure.

To make up for missed lessons, it is possible to extend the school calendar, “not in August because the school is not equipped with air conditioning, but in June”, explains Azzolina. The proposal has been sent to the Regions, to them the possibility to change the calendar. However, department heads debunked the school lesson hypothesis on Sunday, circulating in recent weeks following statements made by transport minister Paola De Micheli. The idea “I don’t think of being chased, not even my family wants it”, Azzolina underlines.

For school reopening to be successful, it also needs to “have a fast track for rapid testing at school. In September and October when no emergencies followed, in the case of the boy who was positive, everyone who came into contact was immediately wiped up and everything worked. Then the local health authorities got into trouble ”.

Schools remain a safe place for the minister, “experts say” he underlined, and traced the pictures from real data relating to infections in schools as of October 31: “There are 25 thousand, 0.40% of the total, not 65 thousand” as confirmed in the last few days. The figures are prompting the minister to also recall the country’s next test, recalling the last school year carried out in a full-fledged pandemic when, despite everything, “things went very well”. In the coming months, Azzolina announced, the modalities for 2021 Maturity will be decided.


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