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Said, still bronze at 400. Sun Yang put poker – La Gazzetta dello Sport

The fourth consecutive title for the controversial Chinese swimmer at the World Championship. According to Horton, while Gabriele closed the podium also reached an Italian record (3 43 43 "23)

by our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli

That hasn't changed since 2016: 400 freestyle is theirs. They were by Sun Yang (3 42 42 44 44), in the fourth consecutive world victory, by Mack Horton (3 # 43 17 17) which was an Olympics but twice silver in the World Championship, and Gabriele Detti, also in bronze. Like in Rio, like in Budapest like in Gwangju. Bronze with an Italian record increased and was taken from 3 & 43 39 "36 to 3" 43 "23 with negative split tactics and the last tank which was unbearable after reaching fifth place. After a year of injury, the 24-year-old from Livorno, who was trained by his uncle Stefano Morini, is certain to do his best. Returning to the 400 podium is not easy at all: it's actually only the third Italian medal in specialization. Gabriele said, "The same Podium was defeated two years ago by Mack. My mother is here, and I keep saying that if she makes me grow five centimeters more I come second again … I am happy with a medal, after last year, from an Italian record. Sun Yang? I've never seen it this close … "

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