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Rocky's anti-drug dog died. Dealer farewell letter: "Sorry"


VICENZA – "We will be criminals, drug dealers, criminals, but we also have feelings." Thus began a farewell letter to Rocky, the German anti-drug priest from the local police in Thiene, in the Vicenza area, who for years joined agents to search for drugs: to write them anonymously after his death were people close to medicine environment.

Rocky's anti-drug dog died. Dealer farewell letter:

Rocky, a German shepherd who was only three years old, was in "service" at the local Northeast Police Consortium and Northeast Vicentino Alto: he died a few days ago due to an upset stomach, a syndrome that is rather common in medium to large dog breeds. The letter, released by local police, was found yesterday morning in the former Nordera region. It was the agent, shortly after seven, who found the note that made him jump near the command garage.

"A dog – this is readable – cannot have an error and what happened to us is also very unfortunate. Maybe you think we have opened the bottle, but apparently not. Hello Agent, Good Hunting. Hi Rocky". But that was the most surprising "signature": next to the ticket, a plastic bag with some marijuana was found, proof of the authenticity of the parting message. It was not only Thiene's agents who cried, but also the people she was after.

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