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Real and estimated risks. The midfield needs to be strengthened. No regrets, good job Pioli

Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani often remind us that they brought Milan in the courtroom and had to pay off their debts with the Carnago butcher. But it's true. At that time the failure was a rather concrete hypothesis, also because Milan was far less global than today and the cry of Gianni Rivera's pain in 1975 among Milan salons remained unheard of, and Felice Colombo's request after disqualification for Betting in 1981. A Rivera answered a Triestine businessman like the first Vittorio Duina and one precisely from Bellusco (Monza Brianza) at the time. A farmer from Vicenza answered Columbus. To get to this day, we have written here first, making a concrete service to fans, that Milan in the summer of 2018 has been saved from failing to register for the championship. Now that the thoughts we feel have been expressed and arisen, the debate has begun. In terms of opportunities, it's always better to remember the difficulties and bailouts after winning and reviving as did President Berlusconi and CEO Galliani. But if in the winter of 1985-86 the risk of Milan's failure was real, in the summer of 2018 this was not the case. Someone will definitely intervene to prevent it. However, Elliott of course has, and in this case no doubt, given Milan economic peace, made capital clearer and made his accounts secure. With prevention it is said that even without Elliott, Rocco Commisso will be available to save Milan. Speaking of the Rocco Commisso, in these days with incazzatura and strong bitterness from Rossoneri fans, means talking about physical property, real, with names and surnames. While Elliott is considered a temporary property, funds coming and going are subtle. Let's get right to the point and here a simple simple question is: Does Commisso have a deficit of less than 100 a year like Elliott did? Our answer is no, in such a way that the American tycoon whose best friends always spoke to us very well from the US while around us here in Milan a year and a half ago he was described as an unlikely Calabrian businessman … , went to Fiorentina that some are passive (good for her anyway) if they dream about them. In the end, if Elliott was considered a transitional property, even the Commissioner would at least have the prospect of returning from the twelfth head in a short time and with a property that was less structured, less powerful, and solid than represented by the Singer's Family.

The risk in a very emotional period like we experience is wanting to say it stronger than others. And the risk of non-compliance becomes real, real. Here, at times like this, high levels of discrepancies must be avoided, both for those who have responsibilities and those who don't. It's better to resist temptation and wait for the fields. We were at San Siro on the day Rigamonti played in the goal against Torino and Albertosi was arrested at the end of the match. We are 14 years old and our maximum protest is to go home with our heads down and die in our hearts. We have never had the strength to throw ourselves against Milan, blood from our blood, even at the age of 14 years. And we don't even have multiple identities or multiple lives to start doing it at the age of 54. But we like that, storms raging around us, but as usual we only want to defeat Lecce, to start seeing some progress and to try to make Rome trigger. In short, we prefer the ball to the truth machine. Always and forever. And here we begin to discuss, with the knot that must reach the comb. We don't hide behind our fingers, we always say three things: roses as a whole are deeper and stronger than last season, we have to put in new ones well and we have to restore Paquetà and Piatek. Because, in contrast to rumors that divide and conquer, we have our source, we always and constantly discuss these things with 3 coaches from Milan's past. They tell us this: eyes, without Bakayoko, Abate and Zapata roses are not as strong and expert as they were last year, eyes that among the new boys have to grow and if there is too much pressure around they risk making an effort, eyes that in Milan midfield does not have a dominant department and if Biglia is still the strongest, you risk experiencing real problems. They also told us unanimously: Leao is good, he is strong. However, the opinions were divided on Paquetà: it was a half-wing, not that it was a trequartista, see how he always went looking one on one. Let's draw a line and summarize: right, Bakayoko is also lost for us, won't steal the eye but we miss it now; the midfield was so-so too in 2009-10 and the company drew a line moving it, passing through it, making a 4-2 fantasy that moved the team's axis forward. But behind Milan, Nesta and Thiago Silva look back, myths that do not exist today. Be patient, that Milan have offensive champions who dropped just a little, today they are younger and can come back more to give balance to the team. Yes, we will do 4-2-3-1, but try not to leave half the field for sale. Donnarumma and Reina must stay at the door, not come out of the poles continuously. The team must make the defense phase less anxious and risk less, too many 3 expulsions in the last 5 matches. Bad signal, little control of the situation. This team can, if it grows and develops, be better than last season, but today it's still not.

Good job, Mr. Pioli. Boban at Spalletti hasn't talked about it and we don't even talk about it. We are convinced that all the space that allows for maneuvering has been explored by Milan, but when Milan realizes that being trapped in a story that is entirely internal in the relationship between Inter and Spalletti will mean losing time when there is no more time, he stops the bowl. And he goes to a coach who doesn't howl at the crowds, but who won't be an experimenter and won't do careless maneuvers. Pioli will do the right and simple things. But what matters now is the team. The team is stronger than what he revealed for 7 days. The company has promised not to be too pretentious and very transparent in this matter, very willing to question itself, a sign that is not short but long. Right, but we allow ourselves: fans and public opinion are fundamental, but this team is more than that. Players must always give everything: for the club, for the jersey, for their professionalism, for the fans and for self-esteem. But sometimes giving everything is not enough. Sometimes it takes something more, but to go to fire and out of fire the players must recognize themselves in someone, they must go into the fire with who and for those who are willing to go there with them. This is a decisive, inevitable step: in the last few years so many characters have been changing at Milanello, it must be definitively recognized as a truly invisible eye with the team, the guide in range, the guide next door. Serve glue, serve cement, need to talk to the team sitting next to it and share as many moments as possible. We do 25 and with Pioli we will do 30, but the most decisive step of all is to do 31. And we will do it when we are not only a polite but true group.

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