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Politano, upside down: Spalletti's discovery has become an exchange piece. For Kulusevski and the Church … | Primapagina


The fate of Matteo Politano is really strange and wants to know how his personal history has changed drastically within a few months. That's between management's last glimpse Spalletti for the first "cry" of the era calculate: from the first Inter, former Sassuolo outfielder was one of the great protagonists, with 5 goals and 5 assists who contributed to the sweating qualification for the Champions League, in that moment he slipped back gradually, also because of injuries that risk making him lose further positions.

TOO MUCH COMPETITION – The Nerazzurri coach has now expressed himself very explicitly about the role that a player with Politano characteristics can play in 3-5-2 and even 284 collected between championships and trophies has tarnished Conte's certainty. As if that wasn't enough, Bad ankle distortion at Dortmund makes the Nerazzurri's number 16 trip more difficult, with two pillars in front of him like Lukaku and Lautaro, who have to witness the Esposito explosion, and who soon risk finding a new competitor for a place, coming from the January market. Windows where the future of Roman invaders could also form, bailed out about 20 million euros last summer, but valuable pawns are likely to be included in some market operations.

EXCHANGE RATE – In this light, His name has jumped to the Kulusevski key, revealing the first part of the season with a Parma shirt, where Inter have seriously put the viewfinder in meditation with an investment of no less than 30 million euros in January. With the approval of Atalanta, the club has a Swedish talent card, which in turn could have one player who is favored by Gasperini as Politano. The search for reinforcements in the camp area could also be Rome, who lost El Shaarawy (slammed in China) in July and has had to live with Perotti and Under's physical problems since August. Florenzi's thorny situation, who want to consider Fonseca more and don't want to risk losing the train for the next Europe, offering in this case also a way out through the most classic exchange.

CHURCH FACTORS – Finally remain in the background two other scenarios are possible but all must be evaluated at the level of eligibility:Udinese, the team where Rodrigo plays de Paul Beppe Marotta's old ball and option not to be ignored to strengthen Conte's midfield soon (evaluation around 35 million euros), and given the summer of 2020 Fiorentina, che has made a bid for Politano in recent months, an opponent who might be placed on a plate by Inter to win the Italian market derby with Juve for Federico Chiesa. The fate of Politano really wants to know, from valuable technical resources for the team to pawns that are just as important in key markets.

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