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Pensions, TFS Car tax, Competition, Balance and contract, Tax code, Coins …


Today's review for November 18, 2019, is about: Competition and work; TFS; Income of citizens; Pension increase; Bonus 153 in December for retirees; Balances and quotes; Peace and Abolition of Taxes; Registration tax, cancellation of rental contracts; Receive certification; Car tax has not been paid yet; Current account attachments; all the news today.

Cesvi competition

Cesvi, a well-known Italian humanitarian organization is looking for point-of-sale coordinators throughout Italy. Coordinators will take care of shop management, voluntary recruitment and gift packaging. The service period will be between 1 and 24 December. Here's how to apply for this job offer. Read the news here: Job offer: Cesvi is looking for a sales coordinator

Jobs and assignments

The employer can assign employee tasks higher than his level and, in some cases, he can request automatic promotion. Let's see what it is: Work: higher tasks and automatic promotion, when do you have the right?


The reader protest continues to arrive in advance of TFS and has not been activated and there is no certainty the next activation date. This step is to start together with the early retirement of the 100 Quota. The retirees are waiting for the ABI agreement, the Ministry of Labor and INPS. No news measure seems stalled. As promised, we vote for our readers by publishing all protests that come through our communication channels. Read reader protests: TFS after 6 years, a life dedicated to work and only with broken promises

Income citizenship

It can happen that once the application for citizenship income is received, the family unit will experience variations due to new births, deaths or family members who move residence. How should someone behave in this case? When is a new demand for citizens' income produced and when, conversely, is it enough to update the previous one? Let's look at what the relevant law provides. Read the news here: Citizenship income and changes to family units: when should a new application be submitted?

Pension increases in 2020

Starting January 1, 2020, the amount of pensions will be adjusted to the cost of living. The amount of pensions does not remain forever and over the years has changed based on revaluations that are done regularly based on price increases. This adjustment is intended to prevent retirees from losing their purchasing power. Read the news here: 2020 retirement increase: that's how much and for what services

Bonus 154 euros in December for retirees

In December, retirees expect a bonus for thirteen, which inflates checks for another 154 euros, which are also paid in conjunction with thirteen. But let's see what it is and who has the right. Read the news here: Retirement December 2019: 154 euro bonus, for whom

Stamp on the register

Stamp duty on accounting records has changed from time to time. Since 30 June 2019 there is no need to digitally print or archive every account register, provided that, during access, inspection or verification, they are updated on an electronic system and printed at the request of the regulatory body and before them. Read the full story here: Stamp duty on accounting records, always due for some notes

Balances and quotes

Legislation is regulated by law n. 145/2018, provides "Balances and quotations" from tax assessments, i.e. Reduction of the amount to be paid, for taxpayers in serious and proven economic difficulties. Facilitation only concerns individuals and certain types of debt that refer to the burden entrusted to the Billing Agent from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2017. Let's examine the question from one of our readers: Balances and quotes for INPS contributions, because the Agency told me they were not suitable ?

Collect tax collection

A reader who asks for clarification about the end of Scrapping installments: Hi, I want to know, is it true that scrapping installments, ending 30/11 and paid on 09/12 thank you. Let's analyze what is provided by law: Remove the tax assessment: the 30 November deadline is postponed until 9 December

Car tax has not been paid yet

Historical cars can take advantage of a 50% discount on car taxes. The car must have a registration seniority including 20 and 29 years, to be able to benefit from facilitation it must have a certificate that links the historical relevance based on art. 4 Decree of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation and annotations acknowledging historicity in Civil Motorization on Circulation Cards. Read the news here: Unpaid car tax, can you access tax peace?

Receipt Certification

Receipt certification, Revenue Agency, with interpellation answers n. 486 dated November 14, 2019, identified the method
certification of fees for services provided by restaurants and hotels. In particular, hotel and restaurant services must be certified with commercial documents, unless an express invoice is requested, when a purchase is made directly from
customers who benefit from this service. Read the full story: Receipt certification, new procedures from the Revenue Agency

Rental cancellation contracts for mold and moisture

In cases where an apartment is rented, at first it looks cheap and in very good condition, but over time moisture patches appear on the ceiling until they reach an unsustainable and unhealthy situation. Can you submit a request to be withdrawn from the contract for these reasons, because the owner is not interested in repairs despite constant reminders? Let's see what the judge decides with punishment n. 29329/2019 from Cassation. Read the news: The cancellation contract for mold and moisture, right?

Current account attachments

If the account runs with zero balance, is it possible to proceed with the attachment? Should it be done? It is conceivable that there is no point in continuing with the current account attachment when red. Read the news here: Foreclosure: is it possible that the current account is red?

Coins and values

To provide global information about the value of coins and curiosity on the subject, in this article we treat the value of 50 cents in 2007, a currency that represents a kind of mystery to the numismatic world, we try to understand why. Read the full story here: Rare coins: a mystery of 50 cents in 2007

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