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Ozone hole, scientific rotation: satellite photos that deny Greta Thunberg and eco-Taliban

In the eighties nobody spoke global warming. The heart of environmentally conscious people all over the world beats for ozone from the stratosphere, whose depletion seems to be changing life on Earth forever. that "Hole" in Antarctic gas levels were discovered by a group of British scientists in 1982. And since then, for two decades, news releases have continued to provide us with the latest information on the size of the defects almost every day. As a rule it is expanded, but on rare occasions it contracts, depending on the season and who measures it. Demonstrate, even in that case, that before such phenomena scientists fumbled.

greenpeace and other environmental associations issued apocalyptic reports, ecologists took to the streets to ask the government to immediately remove chlorofluorocarbons (cfc), chemical compounds in spray cans and cooling circuits, which are responsible for the phenomenon. French ocean expert Jacques-Yves Cousteau he warned that it was far more important to maintain ozone, a barrier against ultraviolet light, than the Amazon jungle, because the balance of animals had always been dependent. The Strasbourg Parliament calls for a reduction in cfc gas emissions, a commission led by Jacques Santer warned European countries that this hole had "health risks that could no longer be ignored", almost all scientists asked to stop the disaster and even Republic of George Bush, president of the United States, pledged his administrative commitment.
Even then alarmism bordered on ridicule. Asthma sufferers and those suffering from other respiratory diseases end up at the dock, guilty of using a nebulizer that contains ozone-killing gas. And the United Nations Environment Agency issued a report in which, according to the usual Greenpeace, it was shown that the enlargement of the hole would increase, "if not the number of cases, the severity of AIDS or accelerate the course of infectious diseases.». by far greater interest, will be staged in the campaign against "global warming".

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This is to say that today, finally, we must all be relieved, the first eco-catastropists. Yesterday, actually, it was announced that the ozone hole was not never been this small since 1982, or since it was discovered and measured. NASA and the American agency for atmospheric and ocean research confirmed that it now occupies an area of ​​less than 10 million square kilometers: one third of the maximum expansion, reaching between 2006 and 2007, and half its normal size. recorded in this year's period. The researchers themselves interpreted it as a sure sign of change.

Decades of nightmare broke up more than expected, bearing in mind that such results are not expected before 2025 and that China continues to produce enemy ozone gas, ignoring international agreements that have been made by themselves, along with hundreds of other countries, to stop in 2010 Le Cassandras, by contrast, has decided to eliminate this fun too. This is only half-hearted news, they explained, because it was not the conversion policy adopted in the meantime (and paid dearly by consumers and taxpayers) to reduce the size of the pit, but global warming was well known. Higher temperatures, according to this reconstruction, will reduce the reaction between ozone and the compounds that destroy it. A man named Paul Newman and chief scientist at NASA has banned any celebration: "It is important to know that what we see is due to warmer stratospheric temperatures. This is not a sign that atmospheric ozone is suddenly heading for recovery."

Similar stories make us understand many things. For example, global warming, whether it comes from anthropic or not (Franco Prodi, the best Italian climate expert, said that "certainly connecting global warming with CO2 emissions alone is scientifically at least rash"), something good to do, besides making some of the frozen areas on the planet more livable. A rational approach must also take this into account. Pretending not to see it, and considering closing a hole in ozone as a half-defeat, makes no sense, given the alarm screaming for decades and that seems to be forgotten by everyone today.

Another lesson concerns the disastrous prophets, a category that is part of almost all environmental associations and many scientists. This is an enduring threat from the impending tragedy that gives them strength, authority, and funding. For this reason they cannot accept that the danger signal goes out. And when, apart from themselves, this happens, they must immediately double the pegs on the plate and stir up an even more terrible natural disaster.

by Fausto Carioti

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