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Now CGIL pays us 160 million for immigrants


A story that has dragged on for years ends with a very concrete prospect of Italian tax spending of 160 million euros.

A judge from Lecco give reasons for CGIL and Asgi (Association for the Study of Law on Immigration) regarding judicial disputes that have lasted for at least six years and that have a tax object applied to those who have residence permit.

Now the Italian state must return an average of 160 euros per head to around 1,134,000 special permit holders. But, to truly reconstruct the story, we must go by order: in 2011 the government Berlusconi IV has introduced a tax on residence permits ranging from 80 to 200 euros, depending on the reason and duration of the concession.

At a historic moment when the crisis began to eat away and where people began to talk about expenditure reviews, additional donations were requested from those who obtained the right to remain in Italy to give them services and rights. Before taxing, as you recall Truth, foreigners who obtain licenses only pay a stamp duty of 16 euros, the cost of printing documents and shipping costs.

The provisions launched by Berlusconi were then confirmed in the following years. Then in 2013 an appeal came from CGIL. Trade unions, in particular, consider the tax unfair because in a few words it will burden the most vulnerable subjects, such as migrant holder of residence permit.

Then began a long legal process between an appeal to the TAR, to the Administrative Justice Council and finally to European court, which in 2015 assessed tax "disproportionate"A penalty which then opened up many shirts, with the same TAR canceling a 2011 decision inviting the public administration to a fairer tax disposition and, contextually, also returning the money paid to the permit holder.

In 2016 the government Renzi has launched a new discounted tax, which has a maximum amount of 130 euros.

Kasing then arrived in Lecco when the CGIL Local Cafe asked questions to return the previous one. Namely, given the 2015 ruling and the new 2016 law, unions have begun to suppress payment of the amount paid by the residence permit holder from 2011 to 2016.

lawyer Cinzia Gandolfi he helped 50 people on behalf of the CGIL Cafe who demanded the return of the amount paid. In balance, an average of 160 euros. And the decision of the last few days has arrived: the Lecco court judge has given a reason to CGIL, accept class action conducted together with Asgi's lawyer.

The state must not only compensate the 50 permit holders in question, but all people who have applied tariffs are deemed disproportionate.

As stated earlier, at least 1,340,000 people with special permits were affected by the return of 160 euros in our country. The verdict arrived from the city of Lombard because of that, it could cost 160 million euros.

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