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'Men and Women', after today's episode Ilaria Teolis and Nunzia Sansone sided with Alessandro Zarino. And meanwhile Gianni Sperti …

The classic throne - Alessandro Zarino

This is a controversy in the last hours of the world Man and woman after broadcasting from the last two famous episodes dating event from Channel 5.

It all started after yesterday's episode where we saw a fierce clash between two transmission tronists, and a former teaser Temptation Island. Alessandro Zarino and Giulio Raselli after the first, spurred on by Maria De Filippi. making a report on the throne's companion cast a shadow on his path and showed suspicious knowledge in common between the latter and his applicants Veronica Fedolfi (HERE You can read words Giulio about the issue that was issued for magazine from Man and woman).

A fight that does not seem to escape Ilaria Teolis, also a former participant document-reality summer, which is through its profile Instagram shows its proximity to Zarino and seems to indirectly support the latter thesis in connection with Giulio: "Short memory is sometimes the best protection while the conscience is dirty"Button.

To discuss network At that time the general attitude was maintained by the study of Alessandro whose sincerity has been questioned several times during the last episode, culminating in the hasty choice and rejection caused by Veronica Burchielli: Prominent applicants from the handsome Neapolitan who, as soon as "no", become the new tronista. Many then saw what happened in the studio aimed at the release Alessandro from transmitting and to raising the throne Burchielli (according to some users have informed everything).

To show solidarity with Alessandro then come once more Teolis, this time accompanied by Nunzia Sansone (also a former participant of PT Temptation Island) who wants to tell him about what happened in the last hour:

The problem is always the same: sincere and clean people are not always valued, but over time they all express themselves and at that moment they will understand how great you are. You are a great man, you are clean, sincere … it's you white beer! Always with you. It goes like this, doing nothing. You deserve so much and then you have me, you have us. You are our sister always ready to listen to us, advise us and hug us. If special white beer!

Public doubts are then directed at the transmission of the offense, according to many users network, because it has hatched a trap Zarino: a proven thesis, considering what many people think, from the comments of opinion makers Tina Cipollari and Gianni Sperti against the tronista. likea moment ago, it seemed that it would be replying to virtual criticism with a faint explosion company: "Some people make films … but a film compared to Machiavelli is trivial!"Button.

And what do you think about that? Which side are you on?

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