Sunday , May 9 2021

Mario Biondo, on Sunday in speaking to the mother of a cameraman who died in Spain

In the episode Domenica In, Mara Venier entertains the mother of Mario Biondo, Italian cameraman who died in Spain in 2013. Although this case was put forward as suicide, there are still many points that are not clear about this issue. And Santina, the young woman's mother, interfered in the episode yesterday, in a lengthy interview that eliminated doubts about her son's death.

"Rachel disappeared after her death"He told Venier." My daughter-in-law only made herself heard when she wanted to sell everything that belonged to my son Mario, just to get money from the funeral, "he said."I still can't forget his phone call when Rachel gave me bad news"Santina remembers, rather trying." I never believed he committed suicide. That night he was alone at home and just before he felt with the brothers. There is nothing that makes people think of such tragedies. "

Recently, Mario Biondo's body was excavated for further investigation because, according to family lawyers, many things were left to chance during the investigation. "My son was placed in the library when he was dead. He did research on Rachel and of course what he found brought him to death," said the woman. "On Twitter there are people who want me to die, some say I have to be quiet but I can't give up"Santina concluded.

The case of Mario Biondo is a real mystery. The young man with dreams of becoming a cameraman, in Honduras during the famous Island filmmaking, met Rachel, a Spanish journalist. Both were married but in May 2013, Biondo was found lifeless. This case was put forward as suicide but, perhaps, now there may be a breakthrough.

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