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Luciana Littizzetto is far from home because of a gas leak. The story is on Instagram


A few hours ago Luciana Littizzetto he lived in a small accident, which luckily ended in the best way. In between his Instagram Stories, comic shoulder Fabio Fazio tells everything, with video evidence of what happened to him. It is true forced to leave his home, which was just shown proudly yesterday on television!

During the last episode You tell the story, a performance by Raffaella Carrà, Littizzetto has opened the door of her beautiful apartment to the camera and has been told a long time ago, talk about his career and personal life. He could not imagine that only a few hours later he would be evacuated from his home, located in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Turin. He was the one who told what happened, by posting videos on Instagram.

"There is a gas leak under my house, they cut the pipe and now have to fix it with a pickaxe "- explains Littizzetto, a framing worker who works in front of a building, in an area determined by colored tape. A split sidewalk makes it clear that the situation has been resolved immediately ensure the safety of all occupants.

And just for reasons of prevention Luciana must also leave the apartment: "They made us evacuate the house and here we are – continued the Turin comedian, walking towards his house. Despite the discomfort, he did not lose his good humor: "Yes, but not very good" – he revealed, paraphrasing a famous song, but also a phrase that is very popular among younger people. Fortunately it was just a small accident with a happy ending: there are no problems due to gas leakage, except for brief discomfort due to the need to leave the house quickly for several hours.

In the video published by Littizzetto you can see comics Right time to approach several workers at work to ask when he can return to his apartment. The answer comes quickly: the building where Luciana lives has not experienced problems and therefore has been reopened for its residents. Small curiosity: only among the stories, the comic commented "It's not bad that Raffa wasn't there", referring to the interview a few hours before.

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