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Lose weight on a summer diet, where ice cream makes you less fat

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lose weight and enjoying ice cream in the summer is possible. These desserts should not be prohibited from our diet slimming. But, there are but, with precautions because. Eating ice cream a week is one thing, consuming another day.

Ice cream can be eaten along with fresh fruit or vegetables. In other words, part of food. As stated on the Veronesi Foundation website: "If you are a person diet, it's better to choose fruit ice cream than cream, given that the cone with two fruit balls carries about one hundred kilocalories and a cup of the same weight, but with cream and chocolate, makes it jump at 180 ″.

It is not recommended to eat directly from the tank because it is difficult to comply with the recommended dosage. In addition, the quality of nutrients from the ingredients used is also taken into account. "In fact, ice cream is also composed of milk, eggs, containing proteins with high biological value, rich in essential amino acids," the site explained. The number of pods added must be at most two.

that ice cream remains one of the most loved foods by Italians. For local ice cream shops it is a business of 1.5 billion. To win is quality: 8 out of 10 are artisanal. The data was provided by the Milan Chamber of Commerce, which reported that among the 19,000 ice cream rooms in Italy, including pastry shops, ice cream parlors (including street vendors) and manufacturing companies dealing with production, with 2.5% growth compared to five last year.

Nearly 75,000 people work in this sector and Rome is the queen of ice cream, with 1,409 businesses and 4,286 employees. Followed by Naples for companies (898) and Turin for employees (3,087). Among the top 10 companies including Milan and Turin with more than 700, Salerno and Bari with more than 400, Palermo, Brescia, Venice, Catania and Messina with more than 300. Ancona (+ 8.2%) and Lecco (+ 6, 8%). Data source: Ansa.

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