Like e Quale, won the incredible Federico Angelucci: ranking and prox performances


Federico Angelucci Imita Liza MinelliLike and who shows who won last night on Friday November 9? Federico Angelucci with imitation of Liza Minelli

Never like this easy night, for the jury and the public, to set a winner Like and show. Federico Angelucci he left everyone stunned by imitation Liza Minelli. On a note from the famous section New York New Yorkthe Amici winners were practically perfect, both in motion and in the voice of the great Broadway diva. A show that immediately received a standing ovation in the studio and public applause, which demanded Angelucci's victory. Federico was placed in first place by the four members of the jury – the special guest Luca Argentero, who has joined Loretta Goggi, Vincenzo Salemme, Giorgio Panariello – but he also took a few points from his colleagues. From Alessia Macari to Vladimir Luxuria, many competitors chose Federico's talent without hitting too much.

This Complete Ranking and What Shows Episode 9 November 2018

Complete ranking of the second episode of the 2018 Super Tournament:

1. Federico Angelucci (Liza Minelli)

2. Antonio Mezzancella (Tiziano Ferro)

3. Andrea Agresti (Roby Facchinetti)

4. Annalisa Minetti (Pink)

5. Filippo Bisciglia (Rino Gaetano)

6. Roberta Bonanno (Gloria Gaynor)

7. Alessandra Drusian (Loretta Goggi)

8. Massimo Di Cataldo (Riccardo Fogli)

9. Vladimir Luxuria (Caparezza)

10. Giovanni Vernia (Bruno Mars)

11. Alessia Macari (Sabrina Salerno)

12. Valeria Altobelli (Gigliola Cinquetti)

What will be the show from the next episode of Tale and What Show

Below is a performance from the next episode, which is in the air Friday 16 November 2018:

Valeria Altobelli – Elisa

Giovanni Vernia – Jim CArrey (The Mask)

Antonio Mezzancella – Mika

Alessia Macari – Shakira

Filippo Bisciglia – Michele Zarrillo

Roberta Bonanno – Ivana Spain

Andrea Agresti – Paul Anka

Alessandra Drusian – Antonella Ruggero

Annalisa Minetti – Alice

Massimo Di Cataldo – Paolo Vallesi

Federico Angelucci – Robbie Williams

Vladimir Luxuria – Boy George


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