Wednesday , August 4 2021

LG Q9: 6.1 "screen, 4GB RAM and Oreo 8.1 | Rumor

that Q6 it is the first LG smartphone from the Q series. This year we saw the market arrive at the market Q7 and Q8, meanwhile it must be announced immediately Q9.

From the last one, just a few days ago, the first rendering appeared that revealed usage a appear with a notch. Today, however, from LG Q9 we can also show the first technical specifications that you think.

The LG Q9 data, which should appear for a short time directly on the Android site, talks about the terminal with Screen 6.1 ". 64 or 32 GB internal storage and 4 GB RAM, also not to miss support for NFC. Inside item model name then we find two identification codes, LM-Q925S and LM-Q925L.

There is no information about the SoC chosen by LG, while the Android version that was previously installed should be Oreo 8.1.

Given that all this information is not (more) available on the Android site, it is not said that they really can be real. So we just need to wait for new leaks or, perhaps, official steps by LG.

(update November 18, 2018, 11:16)

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