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it is feared pairs at 145 cm. Stop learning in many cities

Venice was flooded, schools were closed today because of a red warning: the waves were feared at 145 cm

The general meteorological picture in Italy continues to be greatly influenced by continuous attacks from cyclone disturbance and vortices, one of which will bring a strong new setback already on Friday. But even weekends seem destined to be compromised by bad weather. Civil Protection has issued an orange weather warning for hydraulic criticism in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, starting today at 6:00 to 12:00 on Saturday. The areas most affected by bad weather are the coast – where sea and high water storms occur – and parts of the plains. Alert yellow throughout the region due to hydrogeological problems. Today a very humid southeastern current will flow into the region; in the afternoon the wind will blow with rotation from southeast to southwest.

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Veneto: red alert is activated for today. The tidal center of the City of Venice revised upwards its estimated new high-water peak for today, bringing it from 145 to 150 centimeters above the Mediterranean. This is the red code pair, which adds to the extraordinary peak that has been recorded in the last few days. This phenomenon must reach its peak around 11.20. For tonight, at one o'clock, the maximum must stop between 100 and 105 cm.

Liguria, the warning goes up to orange. Precipitation has increased since the afternoon and Arpal, the Ligurian Regional Environmental Agency, has modified and extended weather warnings for rain, storm and snow in the region. Disruptions that were announced would bring heavy rains in the afternoon, especially in the Middle West, even strong storms, snow in the interior still in the center of Ponente, with hurricanes and storms. In the central sector of Liguria, from Noli in. Savon languages ​​in Portofino include Val Bormida and Valle Stura, the memorial will be Orange from 18 today to 8 today. Still in Valle Stura and inland from Savona to Val Bormida, the yellow warning for snow from 18 today to 6 today also applies.

Snow in South Tyrol. The Bolzano Province Functional Center evaluation group, which met this morning at the headquarters of the Civil Protection Agency, decided to immediately bring civil protection status to a good level, until 12.00 on Saturday 16 November (orange), or pre-alarm. This is the third level on a scale of four. As the Bolzano Autonomous Province announced, starting at 3am today, according to the Provincial Weather Service estimates, heavy rainfall is expected, with a snowfall of about 500 meters from altitude. In the valleys, rain of up to 70 millimeters per square meter will fall, while fresh snow will reach 70 centimeters.

Gorizia, school closed. In keeping with critical conditions and weather warnings, the mayor of Grado, Dario Raugna, has ordered, to this day, the closure of all schools of every level and sequence, throughout the Grado and Fossalon regions, including the city and parochial nests. In addition, the city government informed that, due to flooding due to natural disasters in the last hours, the pharmacy "Ledri", on Via Marina, in Grado, will remain closed until normal conditions of accessibility are restored, flooding. from the waves last night. However, pharmaceutical assistance services are guaranteed, both in the daytime and at night, from the Grado city pharmacy, which will unbelievably extend its guardianship.

Grosseto, a prolonged orange warning. School closes today (Friday 15) in Grosseto. The Mayor of Grosseto has ordered the closure of schools located in the Municipality of Grosseto because of the critical weather warnings issued by the Tuscany Region since midnight today (Thursday) and is valid until 18:00 today (Friday 15), Friday 15 November 2019. Because The public and private schools, of each class and sequence, will remain closed today (Friday 15).

Stop learning in the Belluno area. There are 29 cities in the Belluno area where today (Friday 15) schools will be closed in anticipation of bad weather with the possibility of critical hydrogeology and landslides. This was communicated by the Veneto Regional Civil Protection. These are the cities of Belluno, Feltre, Limana, Cesio Maggiore, San Gregorio in the Alps, Ponte nelle Alpi, Alpago, Chies' Alpago, Tambre, Borgo Val Belluna, Lamon, Pedevena, Alano-Quero, Alleghe, Falcade, Livinallongo , Rocca Pietore, Selva di Cadore, Arsiè, Sovramonte, San Tommaso Agordino, Fonzaso, Sospirolo, Sedico, Santa Giustina Bellunese and Val Di Zoldo.

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