Thursday , May 6 2021

Island of Peter 2, spoiler last episode: find the killer Vanessa

The second season ends Pulau Petrus, the successful Channel 5 television series featured Gianni Morandi and Lorella Cuccarini. This series, also this year, has aroused a large number of spectators, curious to find out now what will happen during this grand final which will be broadcast on Sunday, November 25 at prime time on Channel 5. A final episode that promises to roar . , where we will see that finally the light will be shed on the case of Vanessa's death but also on Giulia Canale [VIDEO].

Spoiler for The Island of Peter 2, grand finale: the truth about the deaths of Vanessa and Giulia

The two deaths of these two girls have held back the tension of all the spectators in this second season Pulau Petrus who, now, is curious to find the whole truth.

And the confrontation finally arrived. Progress on the last episode of the following week revealed that the names of the killers hiding behind the deaths of the two women would eventually be found: cases that could be linked to one another, given the fact that it could happen. the same killer who killed Vanessa and Giulia.

In the sixth and final installment of fiction with Gianni Morandi, besides, we will see that there will be some important news that will also concern young Caterina. The anticipation of fiction, in fact, reveals that the girl, after experiencing a crisis, where she distanced herself from Diego, will stand up again and will decide to put aside her approach with Fabrizio to restore her relationship with her historic boyfriend.

Diego discovered the truth about the death of his parents

But the last episode of L & Isola di Pietro 2 leaked [VIDEO]furthermore, they revealed that Diego he will also have other things to think about, because the boys in all this week have tried to find out the truth about the death of his parents and maybe the time has come to find out the truth.

The eyes of this last episode are also on Elena and Alessandro: the relationship between the two continues to not be the best and we will see that the woman, even though she was found pregnant, does not have the courage to tell Alessandro. Now, however, it's time for him to assume his responsibility and in the last episode he won't be able to reveal & # 39; secret & # 39; this is to the father of the child he brought in his womb.

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