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ice in the studio, staff were scolded

Sunday is in

The Venetian presenter interrupted a chat with the singer because of rumors coming from behind the scenes of the program

Mara Venier lost his temper for a moment during the final episode Sunday Entry, broadcast on December 6, 2020. The Venetian presenter was impatient, rumors arose among sections of the broadcast staff behind the scenes talks. A fact that goes sideways is not the least with ‘Zia’ who is in the middleinterview with friend Patty Pravo she blocked everything for a moment, getting nervous: “Sorry!”. To reiterate the concept, Venier repeats the reproach a second time, causing a frost to descend on the studio for a few seconds where complete silence prevails. If the goal was to return calm to the studio, the mission was accomplished brilliantly.

Patty Pravo, in this century Nicoletta Strambelli, intending to tell about her singing skills that allowed her to sing in multiple languages, breaking the deadlock with jokes. “In what language do they speak?” the singer commented with a smile. “I am so sorry”, the irritated response from Mara who then continued his speech went to wait. This fact was immediately commented on on social media. Especially on Twitter, where several users have already pointed out iron fist adopted by the presenter towards ‘bullies’.

Sunday In, performed by Boldi and Vittoria Schisano

Before entertaining Patty Pravo, Mara was happy to chat with Vittoria Schisano, fresh from the experience on Dancing with the Stars, and with Massimo Boldi, who expressed his surprise that he had reconnected his relationship with Irene Fornaciari, a woman who was 34 years his junior. The two broke up last July. Boldi has commented on the story, recounting that he himself had chosen to end the relationship because he was unable to fully live the love story, still too anchored in his wife’s lost memory.

Vittoria Schisano, on the other hand, remembers her life path as well as makes several statements in her travels a Dance with the stars. Words of appreciation and affection for host Milly Carlucci; less honey in exchange for the jury of the Rai Uno program to whom he ordered some digs.

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