Tuesday , October 26 2021

"I want to apply for you & # 39;


Yesterday, Wednesday, November 7, during the episode Afternoon 5, Barbara D & # 39; Urso he is in contact with the deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini to comment on the Senate's approval of the Security Decision [VIDEO]and immigration proposed by him. At the end of the political debate, however, the climate becomes clearly more pleasant, to the extent that the presenter asks a rather personal question to the guest. D & # 39; Urso asks him if he is back single, considering the many rumors circulating about these days. The North League president has tried in every way to avoid the question until it encourages the host to provoke him: "but how are you not alone? I'm single, I want to apply for you"

Play progress D & Urso to Salvini

Matteo Salvini he is a guest of Barbara D & # 39; Urso and, during the link, he commented on the agreement of the Security Decree by the Senate, which took place yesterday, Wednesday 7 November, and which will be immediately examined by the Chamber of Deputies. After disturbing some of the highlights of this decision, however, the focus has shifted more to his personal life.

Barbara D & # 39; Urso he tried to investigate his personal life by asking if he was single again. The presenter has made a beautiful smile that makes lots of smiles and, at the same time, is useful to ensure that the Salvini unbuttones a little more to each other. The presenter, in fact, started by asking the deputy director he slept that night.

He, in a very smart way, tried to avoid the topic, saying that maybe his personal life was not attractive to Italians.

Barbara he then began to congratulate Salvini for his appearance and quality and he replied: & # 39; Barbara said they were not on the market & # 39 ;. At that moment, the presenter's eyes widened and, almost disappointingly, said: & # 39; But what, so you're not single? I and I want to submit myself.

Salvini returned to singles

that Minister of Home Affairs he then smiled and admitted: & # 39; But because I was single, it was alive [VIDEO]& # 39 ;. Matteo Salvini he returned to the single again after the end of his romance with Elisa Isoardi, with whom he had been for three years. To make the end of the official relationship is Isoardi who, in the past few days, has published photos on Instagram where he and Salvini hugged. Next to the photo, presenter de Cook Test has published a sentence by Gio Evan at the end of a love, thanking League leaders for life history. For his part, Salvini commented on a post by Isoardi with someone who had other priorities.

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