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Hyena: Is your cellphone bad for your health? Here's how to prevent it – | Telephony | Offer


In the episode last night November 19, 2019 broadcast Hyenas, we have returned to discuss the risks of using telephone for human health. Do cellphones cause cancer? This is the question that arises Matteo Viviani in his services, and what he addresses Fiorella Belpoggi, Director of the Ramazzini Cancer Research Center, in Bologna.

Le Iene's first visit to the Research Center began in 2013, the period in which several scholars, such as Doctor Soffritti, undertook an experiment to verify the damage to electromagnetic fields in some animals. Now, the study of Centro Ramazzini will reach some conclusions.

According to Dr. Fiorella Belpoggi, the evidence gathered will confirm the danger: telephones are devices that can also have significant negative consequences on human health, due to increased electromagnetic waves.

Hyenas also demonstrated several tests conducted by researchers, to show how the intensity of the electric field is reduced by moving the cell phone away from the head (in terms of volts per meter).

In addition, the worst places to call are cars and trains, because cell phones that try to stay connected to the network during the call emit more radiation.


Source: The Hyenas

They are then served some guesses "Victim" benign brain tumor, which somehow seems to be connected to intense phone use, for up to 5 or 7 hours a day. In particular, it is interesting to show that the research conducted and the results presented are based on the assumption that the telephone must be held against the ear to speak.

In fact, what has been explained so far concerns real telecommunications (not only between cellular devices, because the risk of electromagnetic waves spread by radio, television, computers, and other products is being studied), namely calls between two cellphones, not their simple use as a smartphone (which in any case will expose users to radio frequency).

In this case, he was quoted the scandal "Phonegate" exploded thanks to French doctor Marc Arazi, who had found a way some testing from certain well-known manufacturers to state the emission limit is done by testing the cell phone at a certain distance from the ear.

In other words, some manufacturers have previously passed limits with outdated techniques (used even twenty years ago, when cell phone use was very low) and simulate telephone calls from the body, even just 1.5 centimeters from the human ear, which, Matteo Viviani points out, represents at least an unnatural use.

In this case, keep in mind that other tests are carried out at a distance and the intensity of the electromagnetic field is also deep an episode of oil airs in February this year.

Overall, between damage to human health due to use during a call and that produced by a smartphone survives even in a "not used" condition, Dr. Fiorella Belpoggi advances a 1.4% chance that someone will get cancer due to excessive use of a smartphone.

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Source: The Hyenas

Service ends with community council, aims to help individuals reduce risk. First, it is recommended (as expected) to keep the cell phone from sticking to the ear, using a speakerphone or headphones, preferably not wireless. Second, it is recommended not to hold the tleefone close to the heart or to private parts and not use it in a moving vehicle.

At night, it is recommended not to hold the phone on the bed or under the pillow, but to leave it, even if it is turned on, at least one meter from someone's bed. Finally, if you want to give children a smartphone to have fun or to have fun, it is recommended to activate the airplane mode called first.

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