Tuesday , July 27 2021

He used chemo for 5 years, then found he had never had cancer

He experienced for 5 years the cycle length of severe chemotherapy to treat serious and rare forms cancer in the lungs but the clinical picture does not improve. In desperation, he turned to another doctor and, surprisingly, found that he actually did not have cancer.

This is a terrible story of malpractice, told by the British Daily Mail, which has the unlucky star James Salaz, a man who lives in Montrose, a small town in Colorado.

His ordeal began in 2012 when, after a visit, the doctor told him that a lung disorder had been found. After undergoing a biopsy, the man was later diagnosed with a tumor.

A devastating news but James, despite being afraid, faced a battle against evil with courage. And for years, patiently, underwent chemotherapy. But the situation does not last long, with the level of white blood cells not diminishing. The end seems close now.

In the final desperation, the patient turns to another doctor who, at the end of the examination, gives him the news that replaces him: the man has never had cancer. High white blood cell counts are only due to blood vessel inflammation, a serious but easily treatable disease that is not needed for chemotherapy.

The true pathology that humans suffer, and which causes pneumonia, is vasculitis. If taken in time, this disease does not produce major damage to the organism. Unfortunately, because of a wrong diagnosis, the patient concerned has been ignored for 5 years.

This is why Manora checks to see if the disease has damaged several other organs. But besides damage there is also a joke. In fact, chemo has triggered strong chronic pancreatitis in patients.

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