Gas meter, a fraud discovered by Hyena. But another investigation is the risk of food


The gas fights found by Hyena made a lot of talk about him, but now there is further service that highlights several large distribution mechanisms that cannot be feared and which increase the potential risks to consumers' health.

Again, Le Iene TV shows are getting attention for services that concern the daily lives of every citizen. If in the past few weeks he had talked about himself for what was called a scam or gas counter that did not show proper energy consumption (in fact, continued to count even with closed users), this time he tried to understand what was behind the super discount price supermarket. How many times have we seen on large retail shelves organized to be left open? How many times have we wondered how could food products fall below a certain price threshold?

On the basis of everything, as we will see soon, there is a relationship between the chain and the supplier, but the consequences also reach the final consumer. Because if the supplier pulls the belt, the loss is also the final quality.

The first suspected fraud was reported

So it is no coincidence that the service by Matteo Viviani has shown how the replacement of the old meter with the new generation has brought a damaged amount of consumption. If the error is false or not all proven, even if the technician who helps Viviani says that the energy management company is aware of this anomaly. Until now and remembering that after the delivery of services multiplied by user reports, there was no official position taken by the company.

The same television transmission has shown e-mail addresses to be written in the case of the discovery of gas consumption anomalies, with a promise to contact the company manager to ask for an explanation. The story is in fact only in the starting bar, as it appears from the class action proposed by the NoiConsumatori association.

According to the services of Hyena, on the basis of unloaded consumption there will be technological defects in new meters which, not having more than 15 years of activity behind them may not be replaced. Or rather, there are no applicable provisions that require change. There is talk of increasing bills around 15 euros per month, but the amount can be bigger and must be calculated on a case-by-case basis. In any case, it is enough to check the presence of an anomaly on your own gas consumption meter, or close the user and check whether the count stops or not. Here, if it continues even when everything is inactive, as indicated by the services broadcast in recent episodes, it is a case that must be heard with managers or with associations to protect consumer rights.

Cases of super discounts on food products

The case of super discounts on food products applied by supermarkets in large-scale retail chains is very different. If for consumers it is a great opportunity to save money, in reality a dizzying offer will be possible because of conditions on the limits of error that will be imposed on suppliers. Which, in turn, to go back to shopping can worsen the quality of products sold.


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