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Gabriel Garko replied to gossip about Gabriele Rossi: "We must overcome obstacles"


Gabriel Garko back to page Who and talk about his personal life. He did so in response to those who, for some time now, had asked him who he belonged to mysterious love. This actor never hid his past relationships, especially the most important first with Eva Grimaldi, then with Adua Del Vesco.

But today he chose to do it protect your privacy, decided not to reveal to the world who the person was in love with. Some time ago the king of fiction had revealed on the weekly pages of Alfonso Signorini to dream marriage and family with someone who stole his heart.

Since then, months have passed between gossip about secret marriages (because of belief) and doubts about ties with Gabriele Rossi, but Gabriel never admitted anything, continuing protect the love story from prying eyes.

"That would be utopia – he said to weekly Who -, but I dream of a world where there is no need to tell what happened in the bedroom between two people. We must overcome these barriers, labels, cliches, and all these pesky definitions, making everyone free to express themselves as and when they want. I can no longer tolerate those who raise a finger – added Gabriel -, who judges, who wants to give names to everything and to everyone, and I don't want to hear about normality anymore ".

"Almost twenty years ago – said Garko – I play the role of Ernesto, a gay boy who has AIDS. I accept, also for the pleasure of working with Ferzan, also for the form of the struggle against prejudice dictated by bigotry. It was 2001 and sometimes I get the impression that nothing has changed. "

Gabriel then turned to those who asked to know with those who spend their time. "Does the fanatic want a clear answer from me? – he concluded -. Have I struggled so hard to take my life again so now, instead of moving forward, I have to go back to please the right minded people? No, thank you. "

that Garko's statement, as expected, failed to clarify the sentimental situation of actors and gossip on the link with Gabriele Rossi. For fans, the words of the king of fiction continue to spark doubts and create more confusion.

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