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Francesco Monte in between battles with Elijah and kisses with Giulia – Tvzap


On Monday, November 5, the eighth 2018 season will be broadcast live on Channel 5 Big Brother VIP: on the menu also returned to Elia Fongaro's house after elimination, was called to arrange some small things with the former tronista – meanwhile – it turned out that he had taken a serious step with Giulia Salemi. Elimination of Mary Monsè

In the episode Big Brother VIP aired with normal behavior Ilary Blasi and Alfonso Signorini, as is often the case, the bend is not lacking: the first is undoubtedly a new elimination system that has taken over classics. nominees when it came out of the game Maria Monsè (except for Alessandro Cecchi Paone). It's time highlighting however it was a confrontation between Elijah Fongaro and Francesco Monte, who have had a rough (almost) duel with white weapons without winners or losers – and will still discuss – then followed by revelations that onlyThe beautiful Monte and Giulia Salemi finally kissed. But not only that, more happened: Giulia Provvedi was terrorized to death hidden in a tub full of balls, Giulia Salemi's father who entered the house, shouted Stefano Sala and Alessandro Cecchi Paone. All this and even more in the air Monday 5 November at Canale 5 starting at 21.25: By the way, during the week it doubled because on November 8 November the other direct special from VIP GF.



    Actress, presenter and model. He debuted as a voice actress. He became very popular interpreting Marchesa Lucrezia Van Necker Beauville in the costume fiction "Elisa in Rivombrosa".


    BORN IN BERGAMO March 18, 1953

    Singer-songwriter, singer and painter, he is one of the main exponents of the artistic wave which in the seventies combined songs with electronic experiments and theater performances. His big success came with Italian Graffiati, an album containing A zebra with spots and other old hits that he reviewed.



    Conductor and stage girl, she has worked on several television programs. In 2008 he finished fourth in "Miss Italy" and jumped to the news because he did not receive a suggestion from the jury who invited him to lose a few pounds.



    Actors and performers, he has taken part in many television and film programs in Italy and in the United States. He is the winner of the first edition of "L & # 39; Isola de famosi". Karate black belt, he is a former boxer and former automotive racer.



    The actress and director has 45 years of success in the theater and on the big screen, ranging from cinema to comedy. He won two Davids in Donatello with "Forget Venice" and "Borotalco".



    Showgirl, actress and singer. From the peak of 148 cm it is said of itself: "I am the smallest subrettina in the world that is famous for splits ending badly". He dreams of becoming Kylie Minogue Italia.



    This is the model and his biggest aspiration is to become an actor. He has acted in "The Beauty of Women … a few years later" and has made a horror film in Los Angeles, "P.O.E. 4-The Black Cat". He was a "mammo", he worked full time in Sofia, four years, the child he owned with the model Dyane Mello.



    He is a model, stage girl and influencer. He has participated in several TV programs. In 2016, the red carpet from the Venice Film Festival was inflamed in an orange gown with two slits clinging to reach the crotch heights.



    He is a judo gold medal at 66 kg at the 2016 Rio Olympics. While preparing for people from Tokyo 2020, he "landed" in front of Big Brother Red Gate directly from the World Championship in Azerbaijan.


    BORN IN ROME ON JUNE 29, 1957

    He is one of the famous Italian comedians, he defines himself as a "amatrician" comedian and his career is divided between theater, television programs and films.


    BORN IN JAMES ON JULY 21, 1983

    He is a chef with a call. He spent his childhood between spoons and pans, toys preferred to make cakes. After so much chaos, collaboration with important names in restaurants, he arrived at the "court" of Gualtiero Marchesi with whom he worked for three years. Becoming popular by participating in 2012 as a cook and then being installed "La Prova del Cuoco".



    The model and former Velino from "Striscia la notizia". His career began with the catwalk, he was the wearer to remain in his studies but his big aspiration was to become an actor



    Singers, conductors and showgirls are very different but complementary. They have a unique relationship and call themselves "independent twin brothers". The winner of the tenth edition of "The Island of the famous", they took part in various television programs.


    BORN IN ROME ON MAY 30, 1972

    Actors, musicians, singers, radio speakers, and TV host. He took his first step in the entertainment world by setting up his own band, Angony & Cage. He made his big screen debut in 1992 with Michele Placido and in 1994 became MTV Italy's first MTV. Since 2005, he has devoted himself to acting, taking part in many fictions – including the "Police District" – and filming for theaters. He then returned to his first love, music, and today he works as a speaker and announcer.



    Actors, models and influencers. Former "Men and women" applicants and former "famous Island" competitors. Chronically known for his love story with Cecilia Rodriguez, ending last year during the girl's participation in "GF Vip". And the same GF Vip is now a new starting point for him.



    TV presenter. TV icons of the 90s, Valerio's debut on TV with "The Hawks of the Night" and continued with the most popular programs today. The cohabitation cohabitation worries him: "I am an only child, I have never shared my room with anyone"



    For several years he joined the editorial board of Meteo.it as a weather forecast presenter at Mediaset Networks.



    This is known by television news as "Marquise of Aragon". Graduating in the field of Aesthetics, she is a journalist and style teacher. Regarding the experience of "Big Brother" he said: "I like to observe that person in being as if I were an anthropologist, I was fascinated by the possibility of being with different people, joining groups and understanding … Prepare to dream. Life is a question of style »

Big Brother VIP 2018, past the classic nomination

Alfonso was charged with one thousand: "Tonight I will break the bale more than usual!"He started and we were scared like Walter Zenga a few years ago, while Antonio Ricci was there with a key REC very hot (not to mention Gialappa). Then he dropped the umpteenth bomb message – that now the bomb is no longer, on the fifth iteration – for Francesco Monte: he finally has to take a decisive step with Salemi because, in the meantime, Hell is cold in anticipation. After a brief ado, & # 39; drama & # 39; the first of the episodes arrived: Ilary called only three contestants who had been nominated to ask for their names. They Fabio Basile, Giulia Salemi, and Benedetta Mazza and are called to choose each other's competitors but without Blasi explaining it well because (and barbatrucco lies in the fact that they really give the nominees immunity without realizing it). All three chose Ela Weber, Maria Monsè and Alessandro Cecchi Paone: obviously, those who choose VIPs that will be eliminated from the program will have to change what they choose. that Big Brother but he wanted to overdo it and Blasi added – without the knowledge of the competitors – that three people were chosen by those who were never named (who would settle among other things in nominees in turn) they have to do three more names: These new names are their names that Fabio, Giulia Salemi and Benedetta will go to the run-off for nominees.

Big Brother VIP 2018, delete Maria Monsè

After all, I'm a mess that only repeats it will require a degree (and we don't dare to imagine what it was used instead to design it), Big Brother call two nominations for comparison, grim Monsè and acidulo Cecchi Paone. In an amen chat with two fully-featured Sybracaes and ex-girls Not Rai it immediately begins again with a river of unstoppable words (which, however, we understand a little). "Maria, cry a lot. You are a willow who is crying!"Good Alexander told him, admirably condensed the question with a very respectable sense of synthesis. The commotion was quite quickly resolved, and the two nominations were called to the studio to finally find the verdict. Waiting to find out who had to leave home, Cecchi Paone and Monsè placed openly in front of & # 39; the enemy & # 39; each of them – Elijah Fongaro and Marquise Del Secco – to hear their frightening lecture. The beautiful Elias listened to the list of Alexander's sins, which, like a Japanese bonzo, found peace at Nirvana, returning a smile and without adding the words: "I settled with Jane", absorbed niches. After that, the Marchesa show which seemed to soon turn into a physical battle between women, but then ended in the vaudeville scene in an exciting way make Monsè do what's best for him (explode in bursts of blood) ta without limits) temporarily Marquess began singing Mina, jumping towards the audience in a totally irrational way, giving back to rivals and making crazy people in the studio start accepting it by soaking other opponents in decibels. At the end of the fair, the televoting decision to leave the House was only Maria and the applause that greeted the verdict showed that even the public in the study could not understand more about speeches, accusations and – as Cecchi Paone said – crying. And how can you welcome neo-omitted news? Clearly speaking. Explode.

Big Brother VIP 2018, clash between Francesco Monte and Elia Fongaro

Luckily, however, Big Brother managed to silence the unsustainable Monse speech and provide an emotionally intense interlude to the good Walter Nudo, who can enjoy video calls with his children: clear the actor is rocky but sensitive melts completely in tears during a conversation (but it's not even registered). Clean wet and hairy cheeks from Walter's statues, Alexander survived first and then returned home Elia's unexpected horse back, called to clean with Francesco Monte with one of the flash comparisons Big Brother he is used to it.

Tarantino & # 39; warmed & # 39; by a confrontation with Jane Alexander and then left in the living room alone to wait for the former Velino, with whom an authentic verbal duel begins: "Do you think you got rid of me?", Ask Elijah with Clint Eastwood's look ready to shoot the dollar trilogy."Well, I don't really think about it", Reply to the polite disorder of an ordinary pedestrian interviewed by TG former Pugliese tranista. What follows is not a conversation but two people who continue to talk to each other without understanding the pipe: Monte follows to accuse Elijah of racism which, on the other hand, retaliating by pulling out stories about kisses between the women that handsome Francesco said he had found "bad." Among various reports that the two did not forgive Alfonso Signorini, who asked Monte: "Francesco but if you say it will bother you if your woman dances on the table then you refer to Giulia … Do you consider your woman? " but Elijah replied: "It doesn't seem to us!", voicing what everyone thinks exceptinfluencer former participant from Beijing Express.

When he left, Elijah understood a little more where other competitors had made and then greeted Jane who suffered through the closed cave door (and that, don't you want to try crazy romantic movements? The writers, however, did not hear us and the door closed: no scenes tore hearts, with great disappointment from Ilary).

Big Brother VIP 2018,

And this is the time to determine who is risking the nominations: the three Salam Maria chosen at the beginning were never mentioned – Fabio, Benedetta and Giulia Salemi – were called to reveal the names they chose at the beginning of the episode. The three chosen finally revealed are: Ela Weber, Jane Alexander and Alessandro Cecchi Paone and it is known that they themselves will be immune (but in turn have to choose three other people who choose with those who have appointed them). Wait to find out who will be six in the ballot (and then the final three will enter nominees) comes during drama episodes, where Donatella challenges each other with Martina Hamdy and Ivan Cattaneo: four must take several shapes and place them in panels with cavities made only to greet them (giant versions of classic games for very small children , in simple terms). To make the situation more spicy, light comes and goes and so the game has moments of darkness where no one sees anything and goes into the room of the perpetrators made by zombies who have scared the tenants straddling Halloween / All Saints night. The challenge, consumed in between the cries and terror of the crazy / crazy Donatella (some of whom also grabbed the shirt so that Giulia was thrown into a bathtub full of balls to hide), however, Ivan and Martina stravincono. The show is indecent and Ilary guides the transition to other episodes of the endless novel that Giulia Salemi and Francesco Monte wrote about their love that is not (or should be).

Big Brother VIP 2018,

"I don't care looks like that loser and I always showed what I was thinking, "said Salemi, who openly claimed to be interested in a beautiful mountain in a romantic sense. Signorini tried to move the tango endlessly the second dance, first giving the beautiful Giulia mat to literally and then shooting zero with Francesco, denouncing him for his attitude with the girl ("Stop with scratches and caresses if you don't like it, go up!" said the director Who) "This is a big misunderstanding and here we cannot see the light that illuminates the situation" is the last enlightened sentence from Lory Del Santo which closed the question until the appearance of the bombs: Giulia Salemi and Francesco Monte kissed. Immediately after the boisterous revelation, however, it was almost overshadowed because it began freeze and Mario Salemi, Giulia's father, entered the house. Emotional tension at the time, however, was lacking soon because a good Signorini, who had forgotten to turn off the microphone, laughed, exclaiming: "Ilary, this is for me!" And actually Mr. Salemi can calmly win the competition of imitators of Alfonso without even committing himself.

However, the situation returned seriously in an amen and Mr. Mario spoke directly to his son, made a very touching speech: "Never throw, find the energy that sets you apart. I am very proud of you, always! Don't ever hesitate, don't hesitate to make the path that you think is the best. You are very strong. Day this is your sister, Margherita, who is nine months old and sees you from home ". Tears flowed down the river, they all moved and Julia exploded, hugging her father to reach it literally without giving up. But it's time to continue playing and Ela, Alessandro and Jane must make their respective names and new candidate pairs with three that were never mentioned before: out of these six people (and three pairs) three candidates will appear for elimination which will end in televoting. However, they reached Fabio, Giulia Salemi and Benedetta, respectively: Ivan, Martina and Walter.

Big Brother VIP 2018,

Meanwhile, the transmission continues and it's up to Stefano Sala to go through his emotional peak moment and, in the led room, the picture of his daughter Sofia (called Buby) is waiting for him and a video dedicated to him by his mother. He cried like a piece of vine but a triangular solution with Benedetta Mazza and an official girlfriend, Ukrainian model Dasha, still looked far away and vanished in the eyes of pampering father that the beautiful room radiated towards his daughter in the form of tears of emotional tears. So comes the time when you talk about Walter Nudo's sexuality, abstinence now for a year (Ivan Cattaneo burn out, Naked was alerted and half saved) and, after that, we moved to welcome Maria Monsè, the night's elimination, but the moment was soon lost in the storm that once again released the irresistible Marchesa. It was in the emotional swing that the GF came later when Alessandro Cecchi Paone became more naked and brought out the most fragile side but there was not too much time to think about it because it touched the spotlight on those who risk elimination and on the table there were three pairs: Ivan / Fabio, Walter / Benedetta, and Giulia S./Martina. All competitors who have not been touched by magheggi in the evening (i.e. Andrea, Lory, Stefano, Francesco, and Donatella) must show which partner they want to eliminate: the two people who choose to actually go to televoting No one chose Martina and Giulia Salemi who were temporary safe on televoting, Walter, Benedetta, Ivan, and Fabio leave with a hard look on everyone. Waiting for an answer that will arrive on Thursday, the curtain falls and Ilary, removing her heel, is gone.

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