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Fognini-Pospisil 6-7 (5), 5-4 Canada will be used to remain in the 2nd set – OA Sport


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Good first in the middle of Fognini and 5-4 for him in the second set. Now Canada will serve to live in partial.

40-15 The tape turns Fognini's forehand out.

40-0 Outstanding crossing from Fognini to the Pospisil attack.

30-0 Long answer with Pospisil's forehand.

15-0 Good shot from Fognini's cross from the right.

Ace in the center of Pospisil and 4-4 in the 2nd set. now there is a crucial moment in part. Fognini in hitting.

40-15 Fognini goes out once again and two balls for 4-4 in the second set.

30-15 Pospisil slice services and Fognini answers online.

15-15 Jump into the goal by Fabio, who wasted a great opportunity on a prolonged exchange.

0-15 Double violation of Pospisil.

Fognini held back zero service and became 4-3 in the second set. Now it is Canada, which won the first partial, to go and serve. There is no rest in the second faction.

40-0 Ace middle Fabio.

Fognini 30-0 acceleration with the front line is very good.

15-0 Beat Pospisil's backhand response.

3-3 in the second set, backhand on the net by Fognini and another negative game. Liguria goes to service.

40-0 Fognini's long answer at the center of Pospisil.

30-0 Another mistake from Fabio who also suffered a back injury in this second set.

15-0 Upside down by Fognini, a little lazy about this with his feet.

Ace Fabio who, with little concern, maintained his service and was leading 3-2 in the second set. Canada will now go to defeat.

40-15 Depth extraordinary with the opposite for Fognini and out directly from Pospisil.

30-0 The first winner at the Fognini center and has nothing to do with a backhand for Pospisil.

15-0 Both first on the Ligurian wedge and on the Pospisil net shot.

2-2 in the second set, Pospisil's body service and Fognini's unreasonable response. Blue will work.

40-30 Does not apply as a Fognini response to the first part of the Pospisil section.

30-30 Double mistake by Canada.

30-15 Another first at the Pospisil center that continues to hammering.

15-15 Great play in the Pospisil net and has nothing to do.

0-15 Very good short ball from Fognini, which surprises Pospisil.

He broke with Fognini's serve & volley and led 2-1 in the second set, but not without suffering. Pospisil went to serve.

Fognini slice services that put Pospisil in trouble and profit.

40-40 Passante of Pospisil in the net doesn't play well with blue.

Vantaggio Fognini, still heavy in the Ligurian forehand and other balls for 2-1 in the second set.

40-40 Double rot by Fognini.

Vantaggio Fognini, directly from Canada but he always seems to have the initiative.

40-40 Directly in the Pospisil net, which however has a different speed in exchange.

Favoring the Pospisil, Fognini could not control Canadian forehands.

40-40 Very good back part of Pospisil which also rises from the bottom.

Fognini's advantage, for a long time, was a backhand response from Canada.

40-40 Short Pospisil ball, again, with Fognini far behind.

40-30 First place in the middle of Fognini and ball 2-1 in the second set.

30-30 Good attack with Fognini's strange forehand.

15-30 Loss of control with inverse Fognini.

15-15 Enter Fognini directly.

15-0 Out of the Canadian Pospisil straight crossover which is always forced.

Incredible play in the Pospisil net, on the line, and 1-1 in the second set. Fognini to serve.

40-30 Service Pospisil slices and does not influence Fognini well with the forehand.

30-30 other Fognini aggressive forehands on the right side of the Pospisil field.

30-15 Incredible attack with a forehand for Fognini and late Canada.

30-0 Strong direct from Canada and a defensive response from Fognini.

15-0 Smash is played very well by Pospisil in a good first match in the middle.

1-0 for Fognini who started well in the second set, now Pospisil serves.

40-15 Pospisil straight cross who always tries to please.

30-15 Along the lines of Pospisil in a prolonged exchange.

15-15 Short balls are very well played by Canadians, also because Fognini plays too far behind.

15-0 Pospisil's forehand was stopped by the tape.

Fognini opened the second set of services.

Returned to goal by Fognini and the first set was given to Pospisil 7-6 (5). Very much regret for Liguria.

5-6 Straightening the Pospisil but now Canada can close the first set with services. Warning!

4-6 The extraordinary crossover of Pospisil surprised Fognini and two set points for him.

4-5 Beautiful this time Fognini's answer with the forehand was played in the wrong Pospisil net. Blue will now function.

3-5 Answering Fognini's answer in one second is not impossible from Canadians …

Good 3-4 first at the Fognini center, but Canada is ahead and will have two services.

2-4 Fognini is playing too short and Pospisil takes advantage of him, sinking punches and finding new breakthroughs.

2-3 Restore Fognini's mini-break, with good direct answers. But now Liguria must really get two points for this service.

1-3 Another backhand on the net by Fognini who is in trouble right now.

1-2 Mini break advantage for Pospisil, one of Ligurian.

1-1 First to Fognini's body and mistakes from Canada.

0-1 Very deep crossover of Pospisil and excellent mesh closure. Fognini in service.

Backhand is totally wrong from the Canadian side and hence we went to a tie-break.

40-15 Extraordinarily straight line Liguria and two balls 6-6.

30-15 Very good in front of Fognini.

15-15 Back-to-back answers to the Pospisil line.

15-0 Defeats Pospisil's backhand attack, which as usual forces in exchange.

Pospisil is saved by canceling three break points and scoring a smash score. 6-5 for him in the first set and Fognini will be in charge of remaining partial.

Pospisil's advantage, a deep attack from Canada and nothing to do for Fabio.

40-40 Response from Fognini's excellent response to the forehand in the front line of the second Pospisil.

The advantage of Pospisil is that it still finds an excellent first place in the middle.

40-40 WAIT! Fognini's bad mistake and vice versa at the second Pospisil.

30-40 other centers first and has nothing to do with Fognini.

15-40 Pospisil external Ace.

0-40 DOUBLE DO IT! The net betrayed Canada and three pause opportunities for Fognini.

0-30 Still in a long exchange, the opposite betrays Pospisil.

0-15 along Pospisil which still exceeded this blow.

Unbelievable Fognini with a waving forehand and 5-5 in the first set. Now Canadians will serve.

40-30 Fognini is very good at the goal and with the ball to balance the points home.

30-30 Response on the phone with Pospisil's forehead.

30-15 It's still too long for Pospisil, who is trying to get rid of the exchange.

15-15 Fognini's forehand ends, because of the pesky ribbon.

15-0 wrong backhand Pospisil still in exchange.

The right of the Pospisil in holding services and going to 5-4 in the first set. Blue will be used to live in part.

The Pospisil 40-30 cutting service and Fognini cross mark immediately come out.

30-30 Still splinting Pospisil straight on Fognini's deep attacks.

30-15 Middle Ace Pospisil.

15-15 Straight transverse width of Pospisil which does not take in a prolonged exchange.

15-0 Pospisil keeps watch on the internet, despite Fognini being very good.

He kept Fabio at the forefront, playing very well with his backhand in the back and Pospisil ditches in the goal. 4-4 in the first set and Pospisil will serve.

40-0 Maneuverable once again Pospisil sends straight away.

30-0 Ace at the Fognini center.

15-0 Another straightforward error from Pospisil who did not find the size of the shot.

The other side of Pospisil is gone and there's a counterattack! Canada won 4-3 in the first set, but Fognini can level the bill with service.

30-40 Rischia Pospisil in seconds, find a line and come out Fognini's answer.

15-40 Fognini's spectacular backhand cross-over shines brilliantly. Two counterbreak balls.

15-30 Fognini's straight cross in this exchange is too off the pitch.

0-30 Stay in the Pospisil net with light Fognini's answer.

0-15 Bravo Fognini in clean close range and with the backhand game finds the corner well.

Pospisil's long straight attack and 4-2 for Canada in this first set which he will serve.

40-15 Fourth double offense by Fognini, which really makes too much.

40-0 Great counterattack by Fognini and has nothing to do with Pospisil.

30-0 clean backhand Pospisil, who is struggling down.

15-0 Jump on the net in response to Pospisil.

Pospisil's great crash, which held serve and brought the score to 4-1 in this first set. Fognini will go to serve.

The advantage of the network, the incredible game in the Pospisil net and the Fognini crossers.

40-40 Fabio's aggressive response with backhand and Pospisil doesn't find the ball well.

40-30 Ace has to get out of Pospisil and ball 4-1 for Canada in this first set.

30-30 Another gift from Pospisil, who fired his forehead.

30-15 Exit the Fognini crossover reverse loop.

15-15 Directly from Pospisil, exaggerating.

15-0 Another good first from the Canadian service and passed directly on the internet.

Return from Fognini and rest at fifteen. 3-1 to Pospisil, Canada to serve.

15-40 Other double violations by Fognini, which were carried out in a hurry. The ball breaks for Pospisil.

15-30 Second double violation by Fognini.

15-15 The first good from Fognini's external services and out directly from Pospisil.

0-15 The response of the Pospisil meeting was resolved very well.

Amazing service for Pospisil's body, along the back of Fognini. Canada winning 2-1 in this first set, Fognini will serve.

40-15 Bravo Fabio to attack Pospisil with a high quality second and short ball.

40-0 aces Terzo in a row for Pospisil, with trails that are difficult to understand.

30-0 Still ace for Pospisil, who found the outside ranks

15-0 Ace middle Pospisil.

A great game to serve Fognini, a sliced ​​service, and nothing can be done for Pospisil, who is back in service.

40-15 Double disturbance for Fognini which also forces the second.

40-0 Very deep straight from Fognini and picket fence directly from Pospisil.

30-0 Backhand for Pospisil, who is trying to take risks with Canada to shorten trade.

15-0 First seed from Fognini and straight at the Canadian goal.

Pospisil was very responsive to Fognini's direct answers and 1-0 to Canada in this first set. Fognini in service.

40-30 Extraordinary lines Fognini extraordinary.

40-15 First is central from Pospisil and does not find the right impact Fabio.

30-15 Serving Pospisil's body, has nothing to do with Fabio.

15-15 Exaggerating with the right crossed Pospisil and gifts from Canada.

15-0 Straight for Canada, a good first point for him.

16.22: At the Pospisil service.

16.20: Players have completed the warm-up phase and start immediately.

16.18: It will not be easy, as mentioned, for blue, given the fast surface can smile to Pospisil: a player who is very skilled in service.

16.14: Fognini and Pospisil play for the warm-up phase.

16.11: Delightful because I always listen to Mameli's Hymns.

16.08: It's time for hymns.

16.06: The team marches after the customary presentation.

16.03: This is a special moment, Fognini must offer a performance worthy of its name. It is hoped that Liguria has recovered from his physical problems.

16.00: This revolution of the 2019 edition, with the Azzurri who want to be ready.

15.58: We will soon be playing for this 2019 edition of the Davis Cup.

15.55: Fognini must pay attention to the slices of rivals who, especially from the right, can make a difference

15.53: You are playing on a fast surface and Fognini must be good at moving, then absorb Pospisil's offensive games.

15.51: About Manolo Santana in progress, the opening ceremony and tensions are growing for an Italian debut.

15.49: The previous calculation was 1-1 between the two, but Fognini must have something more in terms of the tennis repertoire.

1547: Fognini has a great chance, fighting players is not impossible. Auger-Aliassime came out because of an ankle problem.

15.45: Fognini will debut at the first meeting, with Pospisil. There will be no Pospisil. Berrettini opposed Shapovalov.

15.43: The National Team led by Corrado Barazzutti will rely on Matteo Berrettini and Fabio Fognini, in singles, while it will be clear what will be the dual composition, which will also depend on the physical resources available. However, Andreas Seppi and Simone Bolelli are ready to play, without forgetting Lorenzo Sonego.

15.41: Players enter Caja Magica in Madrid.

15:40: The Bel Paese has been included in the same grouping of Canada, to be precise, and the United States, and the aim is to win a record for entering the quarter-finals, without having to make peace and be part of the second best.

15.38: In the Madrid fast room, the Azzurri will make their debut in the new format competition which has caused so much discussion.

15.35: Hello and welcome back to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Canada, the legal match for Davis Tennis Group F Finals.

Davis Cup Program (18 November) – Davis Cup Presentation (18 November)

Hello and welcome back to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Canada, an official match for Davis Tennis Group F Finals. In Madrid's fast room, the Azzurri will make their debut in a new format competition which has caused so much discussion. Bel Paese has been included in the same grouping from Canada, to be exact, and the United States, and the aim is to win a record for entering the quarter-finals, without having to make peace with the second-best ranks.

The National Team is led by Corrado Barazzutti will count on Matteo Berrettini and Fabio Fognini, in the singular, while it will be clarified what will be the double composition, which will also depend on the physical resources available. However, Andreas Seppi and Simone Bolelli they are ready to play, without forgetting Lorenzo Sonego. On the other side of the network, you have to deal with very young Canadians, considering lefties Denis Shapovalov (class' 99) and from Felix Auger-Aliassime (class 2000). These are two very dangerous tennis players, because they have great talent, which is seen during this season. Chaos may exist against Auger-Aliassime, due to several physical problems that prevented him from taking part in the final tournament of the year.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from Italy-Canada, a valid match for Group F anything Davis Tennis Cup Final: real-time news and constant updates. It starts at 16:00 (Photo: LaPresse).

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